Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Don't Know How they Will Feel!

Good day Amara , it seems like you don't advice people twice but I have to tell you this because that's the issue at hand, am a guy of 24 years , I have never, felt true love, nor been loved by a lady, but recently, a friend of mine, took me out to a joint, we were in the middle of a discussion, when I saw this lady, her beauty, character and everything about her caught my fancy.
After getting to know her for some time, I was in love with her, she treats me like an angel,although she doesn't call that much but she tries her best, the problem now is that I later found out that she was a sex worker and although that I have not reached the age to marry, but I intend to marry her some day, but am an only child of my parents and don't know what to do or how they will feel if they eventually find out that she is a sex worker.
Please what should I do, should I continue with the relationship or call it quit.

The lady who anointed Jesus Christ before he was crucified was a sex worker before she met with him and decided to pour all her love on him and also was the Rehoboth lady who hid the spies to protect them. 

In life we maybe pushed into some form of addiction or work that ordinarily we should not be associated with and God in his infinite mercies always have a way of restoring those that he longs to rescue from the  clutches of sin. 

You have met a lady who by your standard meets the requirements for the lady you desire to get married to someday in life. 
The first thing you would need to do is discuss with her and find out what lead her to prostitution. 

Find out why she has decided to go into prostitution instead of developing herself. Please do not be in a haste to conclude that she's a sex worker or look down on her because of her present shortcomings. 

From understanding what took her into prostitution, you may encourage her to choose from being with you and leaving her old life. 
Then you and her will work out ways to enable her liberate herself from prostitution before giving your heart to the relationship and building your future. 

I do not think that there will be any need for the world to know about her past with your parents inclusive. 
It has nothing to do with being the first son or the only child in your family but has your happiness and fulfilment in life as your major need. 

Look into the future and you will be left with the choices and decisions that you made several years ago and not the opinions of others in your life. 

If you are convinced and you genuinely love her, the only person who has the privilege to know about her inner struggles and her past is you and because you truly love her, nobody else ought to know about her past nor should you use it against her later on in life. 

Everyone at one point or other was a sinner whether stealing or lying but it took the grace of God for many to be restored to God's purpose for their life and their past was not their identity. 

The same grace is available today to heal the broken hearted, to restore those who are lost, to liberate the oppressed and to help those who are have buried their heart in sin. 

If you truly love her and yearn that heaven will not only celebrate her but that her children will someday adore her, then do not look at her from the perspective of being a prostitute rather find out ways to help her become the kind of lady that your heart sincerely cherishes and the world will celebrate someday. 

Pray for her, support her and continue to remind her of your appreciation for her personality irrespective of her shortcomings. 

In all your decision, your happiness matters more than the opinions of men. 
You wouldn't be the first person to fall in love with a prostitute and help her overcome her past. 

Look unto God and seek for his grace for this task that God have assigned to you. 
If God is part of your journey to find love and fulfilment in life and destiny and you are willing to support and sacrifice your time and heart to help her become the kind of lady that Jesus Christ will be proud of,you will realise that God can't give you a partner that will put you to shame. 

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  1. I don't know what is your age but I noticed you care about people think.


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