Friday, November 13, 2015

My Parents Wouldn't want Me to Marry Him!

Good morning ma. Thank you for all your help so far. I have really learnt a lot from you.
Am a girl of 26 years but I look younger than my age. I was out of the country for a program where I met this Senegalese guy. He is a Muslim and we kinda of fell in love with each other.
We didn't have sex cos am virgin and he promised to respect that.
Since I got back to the country, this guy is all I think of, I can't eat or sleep. I am even thinking of going back so soon cos of him.
I don't know how to overcome this feelings because I know it's a relationship that won't last because my parents wouldn't want me to marry a Muslim and he isn't thinking of converting to Christianity.
I have lots of people asking for my hand in marriage but am not even giving them attention since I met this guy.
Help me ma.

Hello dear, 
Let's put your parents out of the picture and presume that they will support you in your choice of who to marry, will this man really get married to you? 
Beyond his religion, what is his personality like? Apart from being nice and warm, can you tell if he's faithful, honest and focused as a man? 
In consideration with his religion, can you cope with him getting married to many women? Are you willing to submit your religious views for his own? 
Will you accept him completely and submit yourself to him should he marry you? 
You see dear, there are things that elders may see that will make completely no sense to you not because they are right but because they simply do not fit into what you wish to hear at the moment. 
While the heat of the passion burns, please weigh the reality with all sincerity and ask yourself some critical questions before looking for who to blame for not getting married to the man you love. 
Do not be in a haste to make conclusion if you have not taken the responsibility to find out truly what you need in life. 
Search your heart first and give this love some time to test how genuine, the compatibility and the vision of your partner with respect to the relationship before deciding on what's best for you and how to convince your parents to support you. 
Pray about it and please do not fail to seek the face of God because issues of marriage is one that leaves a lifetime impact in all areas of life. 


  1. Have you already ate at their or not? Those people use most often juju to get any ladies they want I am a Ivorian knows them than Nigeriand please run to church and asking your pastor to pray for and I can fasting as well to be set free. Good luck my dear.

  2. the solution lies with you. face reality, don't suffer yourself emotionally over what will not come to be

  3. Marriage is for people who share the SAME VALUES,BELIEFS AND GOALS. Going against this,is a recipe for disaster. Please,grow up!



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