Friday, November 13, 2015

My Mind is Made up to Quit!

My dear,l have a burden l want to share with you,,I don't know if this is the right place to do so? 
I have known this guy for quite some time now. l have not seen him before though l never wanted to have anything to do wit guys aboard,but this one was able to convince me that,he will come back to stay here. l believed him and eventually fell in love with him. 
During my birthday last year something happened,he was to mark it for me,but l called him from morning till night he never picked after which l forgot about him. 
Later he came back begging with excuses and l forgave him. We went back the way we were. Few months ago,l had issues with my phone,which l told him about,he promised to get me a phone through somebody that was coming back,he never did,stories as usual,and l still forgave him. l have come to naturally love him. 
NOTE: l have never asked him for those things, he made those promises himself. 
Now this week am to pay something in school which the deadline will be tomorrow, l told him of my worries,he said l should not worry that he will contact his brother to send me something since then,l kept waiting for his call,all to no avail. This was somebody who was planning a future with me.
This evening l had to open up and tell him my mind and that am quitting the relationship,even if he doesn't have why not tell me. Am not in his life for money,why keep doing this???
This is one question l kept asking myself,am so so hurt hurt that l have quit the relationship...
Please l need your advice..

Sweetheart let's begin with the basics. If a man indicates interest in you and starts appreciating and commending you in a manner that suggests that he maybe interested in you perhaps for a relationship, please request to see him or meet with him and please do that as early as possible. 
This will help you put your emotions in check because the moment he begins to sing a love song to you, you may not remember that you have not set your eyes on him. 
Secondly, whenever you are with a man, please try your best not to always discuss issues of money and money and how you need money with him. 
He may pretend to be concerned but some men are threatened by such statement and sometimes they may not say it because they want to impress you and sometimes they may not just have the money. 
Try building your friendship outside money and your family problems or your personal challenges. 
His personality should come first before his pocket so that you can have a better understanding of who he is or said that he is before talking about your needs. 
Whenever you meet any man for a relationship, find out more about his sources of livelihood and how he's coping with his life and work. 
These are questions every mother will ask their children so if you could learn to care for him like his mother, you will get to know if he's actually stable financially or he's still struggling to survive irrespective of where he maybe or what he maybe doing today. 
There is a great difference between loving a partner and trusting the personality of your partner. 
When you meet the face in the picture, there is a level of assurance and peace that comes with the fact that you have met with him or her and that you can not only relate with him or her but can connect with the touch of reality in your relationship and this cannot happen on social media no matter what you said or didn't say. 
In summary, there's really no commitment in your relationship which has been the reason for his attitude to you and until he meets with you, please do not take him seriously. 


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  2. When a man cant keep promises of his own then u should know that he will never give when you ask, so my sister please run far from him, he will do you no good.


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