Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Think I Might be in Love!

Hello Amara, just trying to join your page. But I need advice on what's going on in my life now.
I met a guy recently for like two weeks(I know its too early) and he's someone I relate with well and we are so fond of each other.
But he's also involved with someone else and it bothers me a lot. He opened up and told me about her and how they don't have sex anymore because its affecting her spiritual life.
We have had sex twice and I feel used,even when he's with me he picks her calls. When I complained he told me to try and handle the truth and let's see what fate has for us.
So far he introduced me to his siblings and everybody around him. Tells me he randomly see the other chic and plenty stuffs. I think I might be in love with him but don't want to get hurt.
Please what do I do?

What I will suggest you do is simple and it also depends on you and what you truly yearn for. 
Please do me a favour, get to your shower room, take a refreshing bath, rub your beautiful body with good cream and put on a white panties. 
Assure yourself that you will not be the other chic that has to depend on fate while he enjoys your private sector for free. 
The annoying thing is that he even answers her calls and you still think that you are in charge of his heart?
I understand that you love him and desire to be his final bus stop but from his attitude, it's obvious that his heart is with her while his body is with you and when a man doesn't give you his heart, hmmm, you may be gambling with your own happiness and fulfilment in life. 
That he introduced you to his village people doesn't mean that he will bring his family to your home for traditional rites. 
So tighten that white pant and do not permit any rod from disturbing your innocent life until he has paid your dowry. 
Welcome to the family page and we look forward to seeing you prosper in all your endeavours. 


  1. If he cheats with you,he will DEFINITELY CHEAT ON you. Babe,NEVER lower your standard to accommodate men who have refused to raise theirs(Mandy Hale; paraphrased). Is this the kind of guy you want to be a role-model to your daughters? A mentor to your sons? Is this the kind of man in whose hands you want to put your life? A guy without INTEGRITY? Without SELF-CONTROL? And,somehow,without VISION.....a vision strong enough to inspire SELF-DISCIPLINE? With what he has demonstrated so far,what makes you think he will not be a constant source of heartache to you tomorrow? Do you desire marital bliss/peace,stop planting the wrong seeds,stop laying the wrong foundation. It is not just about you; it is also about your children/descendants. This is the time to secure yours,and their future,by not letting any boy in men's clothing deceive you. UPGRADE YOUR VALUES,THINKING,ETC. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101
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