Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Don't Want the Marriage Anymore!

Hello Aunty Amara please I need advice from you and members of the house. I got married to a guy for the past five years, he stays in Spain and ever since then he has not come back so in June last year I had a problem with him which resulted in him not calling me for more than six months.
Then by January this year I told him that I don't want the marriage again that I wanted divorce because first I don't know when he is coming back and age was no longer by my side.
So my lawyer asked me to get his address so that they will send him some papers which he will sign though he was saying that he doesn't want the divorce but I have tried to convince him that I don't love him again that even if we continue with the marriage that we will be having problems because I don't love him again.
But he doesn't want to send the address and I don't have any other means to get that address. From what I saw in his words he just want to keep delaying me and holding me from getting married to another person .
I have tried to be honest with him and also convince him that the marriage will not work out even if he comes back tomorrow and from what he was doing now it makes me to hate him more because he is just intentionally holding me down.
Because I once had a discussion with him when he said that he knows his right ( meaning that as long as we have court marriage and it's not yet nullified that he still owns me.
Please I need help because I don't want the marriage again and age is no longer by my side. Please I need anybody that can help me.
I will appreciate it. Thanks.

In as much as I understand that you have been married to a man who for the past five years have been abroad and have not cared to know how you are faring nor does he meet your intimate needs as his wife but then again I want to believe that you were aware that he was living in Spain.
You didn't tell me the arrangements you had with him at the time of the wedding nor did you tell me what efforts you have made to either salvage the marriage or at least get the parties involved to intervene in your challenges apart from the phone calls and an issue which you didn't mention.
Now that makes me wonder the kind of marriage you contracted with him and why it seems as though you have been taken on hostage and now want to escape from his clutches using every possible means and avenues.
Your have no information about his family nor have you consulted your own family to at least get your relatives to have some heart to heart discussion with him and find out what he's not saying concerning his stay in Spain.
Well one thing is certain, it's either he has a family over there or he has no interest in the marriage whatsoever and for you to effectively sue him for the dissolution of the marriage you must serve him papers but how that will be done depends on the agreement you, his family and your lawyer have agreed upon.
Well I don't much about the legal proceedings for this because you don't even have any address with which he can be located so I will leave that for the lawyers in the house to figure out.


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