Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Right Age For Marriage

A fan sent this

"At what good age can a woman get married?"

My Answer
Chronological age has its unique role in marriage. I believe a teenager should be allowed to pass through her teenage years and become an adult before marriage.
This said, when it comes to being psychologically ready, a twenty-one years old could be better prepared for marriage than a forty years old.

Many people are all over the place looking for a life partner without taking out time to prepare themselves to keep a home. Guys just get up and take a girl home to mama without thinking and getting ready,emotionally, to be a husband. Girls on the other hand, get overly excited and concentrate more on having that fairytale wedding instead of building themselves up and getting ready to run a home.

In conclusion, it's more about the individual involved. The society shouldn't dictate for anyone on this. Did I just say that? I believe it's better for a woman to have her babies before 40. But we are not God. Some marry at eighteen and stay childless till they are forty-five while others marry at 40 and have all their children before forty-five.

In marriage, you must consider your chronological, biological, and psychological age.


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  2. To me there is no right age for marriage. Marriage is for matured adult.

  3. To me there is no right age for marriage. Marriage is for matured adult.

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