Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Feel Worthless!

Hello mam, I'm a 33 year old mother of three . All my children have different fathers. Because of bad choices I made in the past concerning my education and my life in general.
Now I feel worthless. I did finish my high school even did a course for two years in office administration. But due to feeling worth nothing I didn't pursue much.
I'm currently a nanny and last month I got my learners licence. But yet I still feel like I will never amount to anything. I feel other people are better than me and thus sometimes seek comfort in alcohol.
Where I waste most of my money and end up going to cash loans. I'm high in debt and just want to hide my head in the sand of pure embarrassment.
Please help me.

Nobody in the whole universe can tell your identity, your virtues and the inherent potential in you except the creator of the universe. 
We all make bad choices in life but what matters is what we make out of those bad choices in life. 
That you had three children for three men doesn't make you worthless in reality, your life is enriched with three beautiful angels that owe their gratitude to your selfless sacrifice to see them here on earth. 
Some conceived for many men and aborted all their children but you chose to keep them even though you weren't prepared for them. 
Please wake up from slumber and celebrate the beauty of life in the eyes of your lovely children. 
Appreciate yourself for how strong you have come from your mistakes to raising children that will make you stand tall in the world. 
Now you are a role model to them and they are all looking up to your counsels, words of encouragement, guidance and prayers and you still feel worthless? 
Nope nope dear angels don't feel worthless because they are truly not worthless. 
What would you want your children to remember you for? Your mistakes or your passion to serve them and help them become great in life? 
Why would you choose to give up when you have someone who truly appreciate you and has given you reasons to believe in yourself and make impact in our generation? 
Because you are not in competition with anyone in life, you cannot compare yourself to any other person so by extension, nobody is better than you, not even those who have all that life can offer. 
If you wish to compare yourself with anyone, then get your mirror and challenge the person inside the mirror, that's the only person who knows you. 
Organise yourself, cut down on your consumption of booze, they simply suppress your emotions but never comforts the soul 
Remember that the future of your children depends on your attitude and decisions of today. 
Let your desire and vision be to give your children those things that you couldn't get from those you loved. 
Challenge yourself to a greater height and acquire all the skills and knowledge that you need to grow in your profession. 
And may I remind you that you are a great woman for not giving up even when it was tough for you. 
I'm simply proud of your personality and I hope that you will be stronger than you were yesterday. 


  1. You don't need to give up dear coz God has not given up on you. Get connected to God and he will give you direction. Let your past go and face your future. Your story is almost the same with the true life testimony I watched last month. Mother with three kids, different parents, slept in uncompleted building for many years but finally met Jesus and have new life. She is happily married now and have three humanitarian organization doing very well. Please stay connected to God.

  2. Dear, I know that feeling! Though mine was not as severe as yours. You know.....coming to a point in your life where after chasing many things for years,it SEEMS AS IF you have ended up with nothing.
    But,thank God for Jesus. He has over-paid the complete price for our perfect restoration, but please,you will need to protect your MIND - that's where the real battle is,not even what has happened to you,or around you.
    1. I have learnt to surround myself with the right kind of people and materials to keep me focused on what God is doing in and through me.
    2. The outcome of our lives,is the outcome of our relationship with God's word. GET THIS FIXED.
    Get the followings - they will help you greatly:
    a. The Value of The Dot, by Mensah Otabil
    b. The Power of Right Believing, by Joseph Prince
    c. Teachings by Joseph Prince
    d. Die Empty, by Myles Munroe
    e. The Principles And Benefits of Change, by Myles Munroe, and other teachings
    f. Gifted Hands, by Ben Carson

    Nobody is worthless. There may be things covering your worth,or covering your eyes - preventing your worth from being seen. At such times,you need help to be able to see. Let Jesus help you......
    By the way,thank you for not aborting those precious children. Thank you much. There is hope....plenty hope for you. Just keep moving your DOT!
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