Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why do People Look Down on Me?

Aunty Amara good afternoon please something have been bordering me, I need your help and advice, God bless you. Something happened today in my class, we were meant to present group work that is seminar, and it's time for my group to present ours, and after the first person have finished presenting , the second, the third and its now my turn to say something about the topic and while I was presenting the lecturer said "I don't believe this is coming from you" and the students laughed and I continued with my presentation so when I finished the lecturer was like "you are a smart student" and the students started clapping for me.
My problem now is why do people look down on me? Because this is not the first time I have experienced something like this. Even when I know am more intelligent than most of them. Even before I left my house this morning I have this feeling of inferiority, not being able to stand in the midst of peers, always feeling shy and rejected.
So please tell me do you have any idea of what I can do in order to stop feeling inferior.? Thank you and remain blessed

Sweetheart, many people feel shy, inferior and low of themselves simply because they have no idea the image they carry and the spirit inside of them. And you know what? People will only respect and appreciate you based on the way and manner you present yourself. 
This is the simplest reason why people look down on you and make you feel deflated and defeated in your own self. 
But that's not the end of the story, today I will be helping you to understand that you are not the cost of the dress you wear, nor are you the type of food you eat. 
You are not addressed based on your father's achievement but you are addressed based on your self definition, evaluation and appreciation simply referred to as esteem (Read Here)
Who do see in yourself? Look into the word of God. 
You are God's precious daughter, the apple of his own eyes, before you were conceived, he knew you and he destined you even before you were born,created in the image and likeness of God, you have the abilities, potentials and the virtues of God dwelling inside your bones and system, called forth for his glory to shine and to prosper and to conquer and to rejoice in the land of the living. 
He made you unique because he prepared you for a unique purpose on earth, he's not even done with you so what your lecturer spotted in you is a tip of what God has in store for you. 
His purpose for your life is beyond even your parents and me and nobody else knows except God. 
So my question sweetheart is when will you start living in the image of God and exercise the authority and boldness of your Father? 
When will you look into the eyes of those ignorant course mates of yours and let them know that you are not a missing identity but that you know who you are? 
When will you shun the opinions of men and work the God's revelation of your identity and why are you afraid to be you? 
The last time I checked, God doesn't make any mistake in bringing the best to fulfil his purpose to his glory so please wake up and shake off those weight of shyness and low self esteem. (Low Self Esteem in Women)
You are not a weakling even though you may not have all that you wanted, because you have never lacked all that you needed. 
When next you walk, please do add some flakes of confidence in your movement and when you talk, look to the individual eye ball to eye ball brightening your eyes to let the individual know that you are not afraid to stand before them. 
Take a deep breath whenever you want to present anything and talk with all calmness and gentility and avoid rushing your points. 
Add some form of expression to what you say and even demand for questions if there is any need for that. 
You are the daughter of Zion for crying out loud and I hope that you wouldn't forget this in a haste. 
I am proud of you dear, do well to make first class in your department and you will see how those who laugh at you will bow to appreciate you. 

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