Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Husband Mocks Me!

Have seen your helping people. I need your help... Mine is complicated am married for three years during those three years I could not conceive but God opened my womb and I got a baby girl now....
Before our wedding during our courtship I broke with my hubby and he dated another lady and in the process they the girl became pregnant and they broke up.
He came back to me....that was in 2013...We got married he loved me,and helped me to get pregnant by taking me to hospital, he stood with me always.
Now since I got pregnant this year 2015 he has really changed he mocks me and he went back to the lady he impregnated before....
My baby is one and half months.... he doesn't care about us anymore, he never hold's the baby nor asks about her wellbeing.
Am really stressed, we have been looking for this baby for years and when the baby arrived he changed....
Please help me.

When you say that he mocks you, I get worried that the man that you got married to doesn't seem to have any iota of respect for your personality. 
It also makes me worry why you decided to go back after all the tales and signs of his inability to appreciate your emotions and be faithful to you. 
But that notwithstanding, you have a lifetime project and that is to give your daughter the best and raise her in a manner that she will stand out of the crowd and excel in all her endeavours. 
You may need to discuss with your husband to find out why he has developed cold feet over the marriage and his daughter. 
If there was any misunderstanding or difficulty of some sort which has made him run back to his baby mama, then you may need to work on that and strengthen the relationship with him. 
But I'm trying to figure out exactly what happened that made him to suddenly realise that getting married to you was a big joke. 
While you figure that out, please get on your knees and seek the face of God in your marriage because it's obvious that the devil is out to destroy your marriage but the good news God has given you victory over his manipulations. 
Please do not let this deter you from loving him and serving him in your own little way. 
If he chose you over the other lady and wedded you, you have all you need to win him back to your home and your heart. 
Be encouraged and give your heart to making your marriage work. 


  1. This man will come back to you sooner just praise the Lord and watch also don't hurting him I think he's confused that is why. Good luck

  2. I tink some people dnt gv us full details here.they tell d stories 2 favour dem.I wsh d stories wil b presented here by d two parties dt way wil b easy 2 advice posters.he chose u over d baby mama,and stood by u 2 get ur own d question here is wats changed? Wat hav u done wrng? Search urself,tell urself d truth and hv ur man bck.


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