Monday, November 16, 2015

I Hate Me, Please Help!

Hello, I need help and now before I do something stupid.
I'm a 33 year old mother of 3. Ever since growing up I always had confidence issues and through that I drank to get out of that shell.
I started drinking at age 15 up to now. Not only does it affect my life but also my kids and my man.
I always end up waisting money or fighting with him . I'm a smart woman but always feel other people are better than me and would never amount to anything.
I want to change my life for the better but I always end up at square one.
I hate me please help me....

Understanding that you need help to overcome your emotional and psychological state of mind is in itself a positive step in the right direction. 
The truth is that though alcoholism may make you feel high and confident, it doesn't actually have a positive impact on your emotions and personal perception rather it simply combines with your hormones and give you the impression that you are a conqueror while you are simply under the influence of drinks. 
Now it has gotten to the addiction phase where the state of your home and your marriage is being threatened by your love for booze not to mention that your children may take up the habit of drinking as a way of life for them. 
First thing you must understand is that booze doesn't boost self confidence nor does it improve your self esteem. 
Booze will never make you better than others even though you may feel better about yourself after drinking. 
What will boost your self image is understanding God's promises for your life and destiny and the knowledge of the inherent treasures in your life. 
What will boost your image is in your ability to express yourself and be happy with what you do irrespective of the perception and opinions of the world. 
To help you overcome alcoholism, whenever you feel the urge to drink, consider taking non alcoholic wine, instead of beer consider malt and even when you feel that malt wouldn't be enough then fill your system with water. 
Start reading motivating articles and books in addition to studying God's word to strengthen your spirit and help you find peace and joy within your soul. 
Encourage your husband to always support you by complimenting you and appreciating you for who you are. 
Look into the eyes of your children and always remember that they are emulating anything you do whether good or bad. 
Pray about it and patiently work towards weaning yourself from the addiction of booze. 
Do not hate you but hate the habit of drinking and you will feel better and strong enough to overcome the habit. 
Remember that your husband and your children need your love and miss the beautiful woman they have all fallen in love with. 
Please do not betray the trust and confidence God has given to you. 


  1. Dear poster... must realize that no matter how much you drink, you can never be who you are can only be you as there is only one you..
    You must know that no matter how much you choose not to believe in yourself, someone else prays everyday and will be so contented to be just the way you are..
    You are the solution to your problem...You must believe in yourself must always remind yourself that you are special and unique in your own way..
    There is nothing to be tensed about...Nobody has it all...Nobody is perfect..

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