Friday, November 20, 2015

I Helped Him to Release!

Please ma,I need your advice as fast as possible,am a girl of 19 years and am still a virgin but I met this guy four days ago where I was working and he asked me for my number which I gave him,and he asked me if we could see and I agreed to see him.
Yesterday I went to see him but he didn't tell me that we were going to his house and when I asked him where we were going to he said that the place was not far and before I knew it we were already in his house and when I sat down we discussed a little before he started behaving strange.
He was now asking me for sex which I refused ,but he threatened to force me if I refuse and I pleaded with him to spare me for some hours which he later did but on one condition that I must make him release which I pleaded again but this time he didn't agree which I later helped him to release by what he said I should be doing (Please what was that..?).
But he still told me that he truly loved me but am confused ma,a guy that did this type of thing for the first time should I date him or quit ,help me.

Sweetheart if you continue to do the things that he told you to do, pretty soon his sperm will not only be released on your hands but they will be inside your vagina down to your womb growing as a new baby. 
At your age, I think that any man who claims to love you or be in love with you should not be thinking of how to sleep with you but will be more concerned about your future as a lady. 
A man who genuinely loves you will help you rediscover your identity and your purpose in life and not reduce you to a sex object or a nursing mother. 
A man who loves you will think of ways to equip you to make you relevant to the society. 
He will encourage you to learn some skills and virtues that will help you cater for your needs and not to teach you how to bleed off a penis charged with sperm. 
Anyways thank God that he didn't rape you because you would not be here asking for advice on what to do but perhaps your family would have been preparing to take you to his house. 
Please save your future and your children from misery of making wrong decisions and choices in life. 
You are not too young not to know that you need to develop yourself and discover your purpose in life before you start sharing your number for relationship discussions. 
Draw close to God and stop following men to a strange destinations for your own good anyways. 
Learn some skills like sowing, braiding, bead making, make up artiste and the likes even if you don't have enough funds to further your education. 
Every man may want to date you or fall in love with you until they've gotten your legs, then you will wake up to realise that this world isn't as friendly as those promises you hear from men. 


  1. Have you lost your mind or what?you don't know him and you're following him into his house what did you think you were going to do over there, was a restaurant or theatre he's going to use you as a doll having sex with for free and then throw you away it's what you deserve. You should have thanaked him he didn't kill you for money ritual.

  2. But seriously swthrt...wat were u thinking... And why are you still asking if you should date him....haven't you read the handwriting on the wall?...Haba

  3. atimes it baffles me the way people think and what they process in their minds...someone you have never known before first meeting at his house and does that to you?? you don't feel irritated or humiliated yet you are asking if you should date him?? i guess the guy has money that has entered your eyes and hmmmmm you are not seeing beyond your nose.... Flee before the story becomes super-story....


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