Friday, November 20, 2015

I Feel Betrayed and Broken!

Good evening Aunty Amara, I want to bless God in your life, for how he has been using you to speak life into relationships and marriages, please I need advice because I feel so down casted in my spirit.
I've been dating a guy for almost three years now, I just finished my National Diploma and he travelled last year to study in America.
Everyone in both families are aware of the relationship and I stayed away from guys in school because of the love I have for him, we were actually fine until early this year, he stopped communicating as before giving excuses that he had no money, no job and that he is broke that the next available option was for him to marry a white girl to have his papers.
I told him that I would not be a part of that deceit, then he stopped calling and recently I just saw on Facebook that he was engaged to thus white girl without him telling me.
I feel so betrayed and broken, I don't know what to do or how to even face my family and friends. I feel cheated. Please I so need someone to talk to me.

My dear, 
No word can really console you for the pains and disappointment that you feel now. 
And there is no excuse that will ever justify his decision to betray your trust in him and your commitment to the relationship. 
The painful reality is that not all who are in abroad are doing fine in their endeavours. 
Some are simply struggling and doing all forms of deceitful things to get papers and be liberated from their sufferings. 
The real challenge is, will anyone who decides to date a man who lives abroad be willing to endure the challenges that comes with the odds that comes with dating such an individual? 
Fair enough he didn't hide his intentions of leaving you to get married for papers. 
Release him from your heart and allow him to go for what he feels he need most. 
For me, he's already married irrespective of the purpose for getting married and I will always honour the institution of marriage whether it be in court or in church. 
This shouldn't be the end of your vision in life nor should you lose hope in God because of him. 
If God gave you a man as good as him even with his limitations, then he has all it takes to give you another man who is better, focused and more loving than him. 
That the world knows about the relationship doesn't necessarily mean that heaven has established your relationship nor does it mean that God has approved of your relationship. 
Sometimes they maybe a preparation ground for our own marriage and an enlightenment to what to expect in life and how to manage them. 
Cheer up dear and always remember that God will use any circumstances or means to perfect that which concerns you in Jesus name Amen. 
Smile and remember, it's not beyond God and he won't leave you without your own husband. 

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