Friday, November 20, 2015

Should I Visit the Herbalist?

Good day Aunty Amy, please ma I need a serious counsel on this issue.
I have had four miscarriages since I married. I married Dec. 2012 and conceived Feb. 2013, at eighteen weeks I lost it. Conceived again in Oct. that same year and lost it at eight to nine weeks. Conceived again in Feb. 2014 and lost it at fourteen weeks.
After the second miscarriage I changed hospital. So when I was pregnant the third time the gynaecologist started giving me pregnancy support drugs and injection in the view that once it's fourteen weeks they will tie the womb. A night to the morning he will tie the womb, I started bleeding, from there I had the third miscarriage although the Doctor did all possible things but to no avail.
It took me a year and two months before I conceived again the fourth time which was July this year and had miscarriage in August.
While I was waiting to conceive this fourth one, I went to so many hospitals with my hubby and did many test and scan but nothing was seen before God will have it I conceived this fourth one that I lost the following month.
Medically I feel we are OK. I worship with a bible believing and deliverance church and I so much trust on what God can do and have faith in God.
Please I need advice on this now. My Neigbhour in the yard (a grand mother ) called me and said that she want to take me to a herbalist in their village that can handle this my challenge. That once the man sees me and after incarnation he will tell me why the miscarriages and possibly give me medicine that will stop it.
I told her I will think over it and give her reply by Jan. 2016. I know that once I inform my hubby or my mother they will accept but I so much believe God and his promises for me.
I have sowed many seed, raised sacrifices on this issue trusting God for intervention.
Please ma I need advice on how to handle this my neighbor and also is it good for a child of God to visit herbalist. Please sorry for the lengthy write up.

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth. Job 19 vs 25. 
I understand your pains and weeping in times like this and it may seem like God has forsaken you. 
You want to do everything within your capacity to help yourself and bear your own children. 
But please do not give up on God's promises for your life and marriage. 
Please do not cut corners and seek help from darkness. 
Even when we don't feel him around us, he's always with us and even when it seems our hope has been deflated and confidence shake with great despair, please remember that we have a God who knows what you are going through and will never put you in shame. 
This is the time to believe God even though it may not make sense to believe in Him. This is time to surrender to him in all foolishness because it may seem foolish to believe in Him. 
Even when the devil aborts your seed, with tears and in pains choose to praise God and bless his name. 
Your miracle shall be greater than the pains and the experiences you may be going through today. 
Strengthen your faith with God's word and always remember that Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth had days of mourning and great pains but one day their tears were wiped away for good to his own glory. 
Please hold hands with your husband and never you waiver in your relationship with God. 
Please visit a teaching or a specialist hospital for proper examination of your womb. 
Sometimes untreated or poor treatment of sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea can lead to miscarriages during pregnancy in addition to the weakness of the cervical muscles. 
Please make sure that every medical aspect of your body is well taken care of. 
Work with your gynaecologist for proper counselling on what you need to do to help you keep your baby and prevent every possibility of miscarriage. 
Seek the face of God with all humility of heart and please hold unto his words for your marriage. 
You shall be fruitful He said, none shall be found barren in the land he has decreed. 
You shall increase and multiply because He doesn't create a counterfeit of himself and because you are made in his image and likeness, your seed shall remain with you in Jesus name Amen. 
You shall no longer Miscarry but shall deliver your children in due time in Jesus name Amen. 
Cheer up and please let your neighbour know that you have a better herbalist whose authority is beyond that of any other herbalist on earth. 
Before January 2016 you should have conceived your baby and your baby shall remain in your womb alive until he's mature for delivery in Jesus name Amen. 
I believe on your behalf and that of your husband and I decree that every yoke of the wicked over your womb and destiny shall be cursed and crushed by divine power of the Almighty God in Jesus name Amen. 
I await your testimony by this time next year in Jesus name Amen. 


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  2. Pls i beg u in the name of God, don't eva let that thought of goin to d native doc cross ur mind agn. Haven't u heard dt d devil gives with one hand nd collects wit d oda. We hv only one God, he nd he alone can hlp u, if only u cn confess ur sins nd give all ur troubles to him. God is bigger dan every mountain


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