Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm Afraid, My Job is at Stake!

Good morning Aunty Amy,how are you doing, hope you are great,please I need your advice and that of the house on this disturbing issue of mine.
Am a perfectionist by nature,I always notice that anytime am doing something and people are looking at me,I find out that my hand would start shaking like someone who is afraid and nervous. Even when am to talk in the public holding the microphone .
OK, I work in the hospital were I have to attend to patient, collect their blood sample and run some test,but I find out that at times wen collecting the blood from their veins I see my hand shaking, not that I won't collect it o,I will but that shaking of hands gives me course to worry(because some of the patient are beginning to ask questions.
Please I don't know if you have come across someone with such problem,and what would you advise I do,because my job is at stake,a times it doesn't happen but most times it does and this makes me feel bad for the rest of the day. Please help me out. Thanks.

My dear, most of us at one point or the other experienced some form of nervousness or the other.
There is no particular formula to overcome it but one thing that you must do as a matter of necessity is to get hold of yourself.
Try doing things calmly and slowly and gently and with less effort.
Breath as though you are relaxing on a couch ready for a beautiful person to compliment you.
When you notice that you are not comfortable with a particular thing you are doing, take a moment and organise yourself before you go back to it
Just like you know, the eyes doesn't bite and you have lovely pair that you can use to regain your focus and confidence whenever you are doing anything.
Try as much as you can to make eyes contact because it helps to keep you stable and control your emotions.
Remember that being nervous will make some individuals feel that you are not an expert in your field and may paint you in a dark light.
If that wouldn't help, try to get your mind to focus on what you are doing so that you don't lose the energy and then see yourself shaking for nothing.
It's something that will phase off with time so don't rush the process or condemn yourself when that happens because it will destroy your mood and make you feel bad about your identity and perception.
Positive affirmation, self confidence, and self appreciation will greatly enhance your public performance and perception than self condemnation and fear of the unknown.


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  2. hmmmmm! Sweetie, I think you are a Melancholy, most of them are perfectionists. But you know what dear? Most Mels are always always the best in what they do, people usually appreciate and admire them for the same things they criticize themselves for. I bet you that you are very good in your job, but u are just too conscious of what people say (dont be surprised that as they look at your direction, they may not even be looking at you or talking about you), but when you get jittery, you draw their attention to yourself,and they really begin to talk about. Pleae dear, begin to see your self as the best still being processed in the hands of God. At every point you want to feel less than you, speak positively into the situation. Speak to ur self in you mind, believe you can, you will see the fear slowly feazling out. It used to happen to me. I used to be too conscious of what people will/are saying. If i pass you, whether i know u or not, and u suddenly laugh, u must surely be making fun of me, and the rest of my day is ruined. But these days, if u laugh beside me, and that thought want to come up, I say to myself - they are admiring your dress, they like you makeup etc... and i really smile. Infact, it happened one day that the man right in front of me said, I like your smile, weellllll - that made my day!!. U are special dear. Always tell your self that u can. Never be afraid of making mistakes. If you do, apologize and try aging. NO one is perfect. even those who talk about u have flaws - DON'T MAKE YOURS TOO OBVIOUS.


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