Sunday, November 15, 2015

Your Career, Your Image, and Your Spouse

Yes, you started from level zero with your spouse. Yes, you met him/her and got married when there was nothing. Your spouse should forever celebrate and honor you for that. But, you have to help your spouse to help you.

As you see your spouse climbing the ladder of success, don't just sit back, relaxed in the assurance that you started together and so, he/she must show appreciation. As your spouse goes back to acquire further training; as your spouse becomes a GM; as your spouse is made a branch pastor, you should step up and get yourself equipped to fit into the new level. And you shouldn't just prepare yourself for the new position, you should prepare yourself for greater things ahead. If he/she is now a GM, prepare and get some trainings on protocol, corporate and social etiquette. Do something about your bad sense of fashion. As spouse to a new branch pastor, get closer to your Bible and if you are one that can't keep secrets, begin to teach yourself to be silent and keep your mouth shut.

I know there are many ungrateful men and women out there; I know that many instantly forget where they are coming from once they arrive. But I also know that many are faced with the challenge of helping a very difficult spouse. Stop feeling that these things don't matter because they matter. No matter how spiritual your spouse is, he/she wants to step out with a smart looking you. Your spouse goes for dinner events and sees his or her colleagues showing off their partners. What makes you think your spouse does not desire that? Even pastors love showing off their wives.
Please make things easier for your spouse.

If you have to go back to school, please do. If you need a change of wardrobe and the money is there, please do so. You can engage a friend whose fashion sense is good or simply, pay a wardrobe consultant.  I know you have the money, but please, don't use your money to buy mockery.

If you are the successful spouse, please don't forget that your success is for the both of you. While you were trying to make it, your spouse gave up his/her own vision to take care of the home front. It hurts to see people, men especially, talk down on their wives because they feel they contributed nothing to their success. Like seriously? I wish you can switch roles for one day so you know that those female colleagues you think are better than your wife are not better. She gave up her life for you. Appreciate that, love her, carry her along, and help her to fit into your new status.

If you think you are the best dressed at that event, people can easily tell who you are once they look at your spouse. You can wear all the designer labels and be as stylish as Victoria OR her husband, David; it's not about you alone. If you want to be stylish, be as stylish as Mr.& Mrs. Beckham. Don't ignore your spouse while you shop for yourself. Don't leave your spouse behind.


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)