Sunday, November 29, 2015

She Always Extorts from Me!

Good day madam, hope your day is going down well. Madam I have written to you before (Read More here) which you gave me some advice but I didn't make use of it cos she came back and apologised and promised to be a better person but the truth here remains that I have been in a hell ever since then.
Please I need an advice from you on how best one can leave a relationship that is full of abuse that is emotional and otherwise. I realised that my girlfriend doesn't tell me the truth whenever it concerns money, she always lies and can't give you actual prize of things.
How can one marry such a person that always finds a way to extort from his partner.
Please I need an advice from you.

If your reason for calling her a lair was because she didn't tell you the exact prize of the things she wanted to buy then I'm afraid to say that you need to work on your attitude to giving. 
Granted that she ought to tell you the exact prices of things but what happens if there were change in the prizes of the same goods, should she come back and collect extra money? 
Did you also measure the time, the stress, and the risk that is involved in buying things from the market before claiming that she extorts from you? 
So if she came back with some balance,you will collect it from her and still claim to love her? 
If you claim that she's extorting from you, then I may want to know how much you have given to her that made you feel that she's more interested in your money than she is in you and the relationship. 
Bros, please don't give me the impression that any lady who gets married to you will find it difficult to build a home with you. 
I am not in anyway supporting anyone who is not sincere, honest and always extort money from her partner. 
Well if what you need is how to bid her goodbye then kindly confess to her about your decisions and let her know the you are no longer interested in the relationship with her. 
She will know how best to manage the information and move on with her life. 


  1. Bro..
    I don't think this is enough reason to leave a girl you are in love with...except probably your relationship with her is contractual and built on conditions..
    You need to understand that this is normal with women and you wouldn't blame them...of course she needs some left over for groundnuts and ice cream...To go market no easy oh...nobody finds it funny..
    She is not a trader bros so and she has no control over the price of things...These things to be on the safe's best to go with something extra...
    And bro...even if she chop your change who suppose chop am before? It's not a crime..Don't be too stiff..
    No matter how smart you are...someone somewhere must get you to overpay for the price of certain could be your mechanic, tailor, electrician e.t.c so don't feel bad when your woman takes some..'s best to let her know that you know the price of these things and let her know you're intentionally giving her extra...this could help solve this worry...

    1. You are a very wise counsellor,, keep it up

    2. I just tire for dis guy,help me tellam

    3. Correct man, na this kind man him wife they live long. No be devil dem

    4. Correct man, na this kind man him wife they live long. No be devil dem

  2. Okonkwo Joseph, you are such a reasonable guy. I have not commented on this page before, but your comment got me. You reason like my husband. You will make a good husband, keep it up.

  3. Why am I d only one sensing dat d dude nay have issue here...If d gal wants extra y not be plain wit ur man..instead of lieing..if she lies abt d cost of good...will liein abt anyother things be issue to her...let's call a spade a spade....if she needs extra..she should tell d bf..and am sure he will succum..rather dan liein..and allowin d guy to figure out d truth....


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