Friday, November 6, 2015

Should I Consider Making Love with Her?

Good evening to you Mrs Amara. I will be so glad if this can be posted out for an advice.
She was my girlfriend then, she put pressure on me that her mum wanted her to marry me, which I told her I still need more time before getting married cos I was still struggling then.
The next thing I saw was pregnancy. And she later did elaborate wedding. She even invited me but I didn't go.
She had a baby boy and divorced with her husband after a year.
Since then, she wouldn't stop calling my number, telling me she wished to have me. my first thought was maybe I should just be making love with her for fun but I just can't do it cos I have conscience but if the pressure is much, I may be tempted.
Though am still single but I don't know if making love with her is good thought. just need your advise ma and audience advice as well . Thanks
I'm so glad that you have a conscience and a good one at that. It's rare to present the vagina of a lady you are attracted to in every sense of the word and you still desire to know if you should grab it like a lifetime offer and enjoy your honeymoon while the stocks last. 
Making love with her for fun is not what she needs at this point in life but someone she could call her own and someone she could give her whole life and time to. 
Making love to her for fun will limit you from meeting with your own wife and will make you a selfish man who's interest is in her legs and not her heart. 
Since you are still single and you love her, instead of considering making love with her for fun, why not consider getting married to her and living with the woman who has brought joy and fulfilment to your dreams as a man? 
Why not forgive her and embrace her from her many errors and desperation which has cost her so much in life? 
But if you feel that you can marry her because she now has a child and you don't need her anymore in your life perhaps because she's no longer a virgin unlike when you first met her, or because she now carries the dreaded tag of a "divorcee", then please do not consider servicing her vagina because we may be expecting another baby this time from you and you may start regretting why you took such a decision. 
Maybe you should leave her and allow God to give her a man whose interest wouldn't be to keep her legs wet but to keep her heart full of love and happiness. 
Making love with her will be best if she's your wife but if you don't see yourself becoming her husband, then please do not consider making love with her because it's simply not a good thought. 
If she's always disturbing you for sex, please change your phone number and cut off every communication with her so that you can focus on getting married to your wife than being distracted by her unnecessary demands. 
Thank you for giving me the privilege to suggest what's good for you and her and I hope that you will heed to my counsel and do what is right for your future and family and her happiness. 

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  1. I once had almost similar issue. trust me when i say let her go. she will not stay. the fact she broke the trust is enough. in the next couple of years you wont trust her much and the mindset of she had sex with someone else while u both were still dating will keep playing round your mind. focus on your future and let her go she deserve what she is getting as KAMA will repeat case up to her 4th generation so nigga go get yourself a sweet and sexy wife. not her forget that love its for the sex not for the heart. trust me when i say that


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