Saturday, November 7, 2015

I'm Still Afraid He May Rape Me!

Greetings international mama....
You are rare gem and sometimes when I read your advice to people I feel like giving you a daughterly are awesome,I like you a lot.
Please help me post it urgent and as I type am confused,please mam, even as I type am still afriad.
Some months ago I wrote something to you but it may never have gotten to you.....
In that I told you am a child of a single parent but my mum got married when I turned 15...
She married a man who already had three kids the first about 25 a boy second 22 and last 17.
I was happy that I had siblings but all my efforts to show love and be accepted were futile....
I told you also that later on the first son started disturbing me for sex which I refused and I said I was afraid he might rape me because am a virgin and he is a cultist.
Aunty mi while I wrote all those to you I never knew he hacked my Facebook account and he read it all and started using them against me,he has been monitoring me and only God knows how long,aunty Amy even in my privacy.
Out of frustration I left the house but I was only pouring out what was happening ..
Please I have been leaving in fear ever since then and I need your advice.....
That's the much I can say because am still afraid I need your personal advice and that of the group...Thanks all.

The first thing you must not fail to do is to report that to your mother not because she will believe you or understand what you are going through but so that she will be informed of your challenges and pains with your new found family. 
The second thing you should do is to sit him down and let him know that any stupid thing he does to you will definitely get him to the jail for the rest of his miserable life. 
That you are living with them doesn't in any way give him the privilege to sexually harass and punish you for no reason. 
Let him know that he cannot abuse the privileges of being his family and expect you to keep quiet that you are not interested nor will you ever be comfortable with such. 
He must respect your privacy or better still you should demand for one from your mother and prevent any possibility of rape or sexual abuse. 
Please be careful and do not take this lightly with him because some of them end up doing stupid things to innocent ladies. 

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  1. Pls call ur mum and new dad and open up to them if they didn't listen to you then I don't think u can handle this cuz of u age. U can as well go for counseling in ur church if they can offer to talk to ur parents about this.


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