Saturday, November 7, 2015

How Can I Hear From God?

Am a seventh Day adventist.... I trust God totally and I try to live my life according to God standard.
I have tried dating couple of times ; but I seems am just an option not a choice...
I have checked and prayed and it seems God is so far from me...
How can I know God plan?? Am 33 can I get God to talk to me????

Sweetheart, I'm particularly worried about your mail not necessarily because of your age but because you have veiled yourself in religion and have chosen not to live and fulfil the mandate of God in your life. 
I worried because many ladies and some men have decided to let their religion lead their life instead of the Holy spirit. 
They only do what their pastor said and doesn't border to meditate on God's word and examine their personal relationship with God and others. 
If their church isn't in support then it's evil and sinful. It has also gotten to the extent that some pastors graciously reveal who the husband or wife is and kindly choose to who their members should get married to. 
I respect the views of the religious authorities and the opinions  of men of God but I have decided to grow beyond what others say and seek the mind of the Holy spirit, to be close and intimate with God that before He decides to do anything, he will consider my opinions and discuss with me. 
I've gotten to the point in my life where I don't pray Our father who art in Heaven but I gladly say my daddy who is dearest to my heart, can we chat this evening? 
Until you break out from pleasing your church to pleasing God, you will never hear from God. 
That you are a Christian doesn't mean that you have to merely exist with fear and timidity and never giving out your heart to love and give love to all around you or live a boring and sorrowful life. 
It doesn't mean that you shouldn't look good, make healthy friends who share the same vision and convictions with you and individuals. 
It doesn't mean that you must marry someone from your church and anyone who doesn't fit into the image of your pastor can't be your partner. 
Please liberate yourself from the bondage of religious doctrines and beliefs and begin to live in accordance with God's word, fulfilling purpose and serving God with the purity of your heart and sincerity of your purpose. 
It's time for you to attend programmes and let your voice be heard. 
It's time you opened up your heart and give your time to serving others than self or holding back. 
That you are a member of seventh Day adventist doesn't mean that your husband must come from your church. 
What matters is that he has surrendered to the authority of the most high God and he desires to please God and make heaven just like you do. 
When you start living and fulfilling purpose, your husband easily locates you because the Bible said that thou shall occupy till He comes and most times some individuals feel that their excuses are enough for them to hide and seek for pity. 
So when you want to study the word of God, open your heart and meditate in a cool and quiet environment so that you can hear the voice of the Holy spirit and not your radio station. 
Invite the Holy spirit to teach you his word and always meditate on one verse of the scriptures. 
When you need someone to share their opinions with you, please feel free to open up and ask questions so that they will share their views with you. 
Write them down and review them when you are free. Do not only meditate but let the reality of God's word manifest in your relationship with the Catholics, the orthodox and the pentecostal churches. 
Let your vision be to be like Him who has called me out of darkness into his marvellous light. 
When men approach you, do not make assumptions or judge them before they express themselves to you. 
Please I didn't say that you should open your legs for anyone just because they came singing I love you and wants to settle down with you. 
Get to meet the heart in any man that comes close to you, to those that are impure, preach the gospel of grace to them and to those who are genuine, find out what their calling and purpose is in life. 
Learn more about their relationship with God and their vision in life before examining their place of worship or their occupation in life. 
Live through God's word and let the Holy spirit guide your heart and reveal the truth to you at all times. 
My love you are too beautiful to be single at this point in your journey. 
I am praying that God will break every yoke of delay, denials and lack of self discovery in your life in Jesus name Amen. 
Please stop existing, it's never for those who have come in contact with Jesus Christ rather start living.. Loving and fulfilling purpose anywhere you find yourself. 
I hope to receive great testimonies pretty soon and I hope that you will start celebrating life and loving yourself as much as you desire from others. 

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