Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stay Faithful or Single!

Good evening ma'am. Through your write-ups, I have come to learn a lot of things.
Even as a single I have come to appreciate so many things about Singlehood. May God Bless you and Crown your efforts with Glory.
My Issue is not far fetched. Last week I met this young man, he is around late 20/ early 30 when ever am going to work, he stops to pick me but that has been on two occasions though. He collected my contact and we have been talking quite well. He do call to ask if ''I am okay, I have eaten, have I had my bath'' and on Sunday, yesterday I realised that he was a married man.
His wife was heavy with a child and he has a very pretty little daughter of about 2 years of age. I was so surprised, cos I never thought he was married and had a child.
I immediately blocked him from my friend's list. When he noticed I had blocked him, he began to call but I was rejecting all his calls until this evening when he called again after series of rejecting his calls.
I decided to pick his call and tell him my reasons for not picking; I told him, I have absolute nothing to do with a married man. And that he should never try my line again. He said that am supposed to be matured and behave like a big girl.
When he saw how serious I was on standing my grounds, he started using abusive words on me. Ma, my anger was that His wife is heavy with child and it is now she needed him more than he, and he has the guts to call me during the night to ask how I was doing and if am asleep or have eaten?
And am sure he hasn't asked his wife all those questions too. I could be a AIDS carrier or a anything worse than that but men should learn how to stay put to their families and marriage.
Its so pathetic and irritating how married men go after young ladies and we young ladies should learn to discard them quickly. This will enable them take more care of their wife and Children.
Just like you always say Ma'am : '' stay faithful or stay single''

My love, 
I am simply proud of you and heaven celebrates your good conscience and your faithfulness to God's word. 
He will reward you for standing on the truth and choosing not to defile yourself with a married man. 
Please do not give up on your convictions and on God who is faithful to favour you with your own husband. 
God bless you richly dear and thank you for your kind words. 


  1. Dear pple of ur kind are just few but I pray dis day that God will connect you to ur own husband and he will never cheat on you.

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  3. My dear u re one in a million. May God bless u always

  4. Kai, ladies like you are very rare to see, for this singular act may heaven bless you with your true partner who will be yours and yours alone. You have really saved this home


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