Thursday, November 26, 2015

Words of Wisdom; Simple Definitions of Love

Felix N Molly Avamolifua
God is essential and should be the 3rd party in any relationship for once you truly love HIM you will see the true love for your spouse. I am married now for about 28 years , she's my rock yet totally opposite, I'm a romantic she's realist. But LOVE, to me, is not selfish! Selfishness destroys any relationship, divorce , affairs etc are all due to selfishness. When you walked into a relationship, it was eyes wide open unless your a 2 year old , you knew what you were getting into , it's all a matter of how you were raised too , how those around you treated each other in the name of love. When you really understand what love is, you uncover the different layers of love,  it's never ending and it's a
work in progress, like anything else if you don't work on it , you will lose it. I almost did twice because we became selfish. Now I've learned how to love her more. When you fight or argue is when you need to love her more. I may be more loving out wards yet she loves me where our 3 beautiful children were taking care of, house spotless, not to mention, a great cook. She is a realist, shy and thinks I'm silly when I sing to her. Tell her she is and always will be the most beautiful girl in the world; that's how we roll. Yeah, I love her with all my heart, mind, and soul eternally!
Jo Couri
God has given us the tools to live and love right! It's up to us to make the decision to follow how He had intended. Love your spouse like he loves you.... Unconditional!
Andre Harrington
I have been married 28 years to my wife and we've had our ups and downs. The downs have been few, and most are all ups. I agree when love is truly around you forget that it's even there because it's so good and right, and sometime it feels dull, until you really look at it from all angles, it's not the big things that makes it special, it is the culmination of all the things that you do for each other. Some people will tell you they love you , and shower you with gifts, but won't lift a finger for you when your sick, or you hurt yourself. True love is ; I am willing to give up everything I have to protect and take care of you when you cant, that's what love is, not some damn fairy tale rubbish. Love hurts sometimes only because you want the best for your mate. Love never runs in a straight line, there are curves to be negotiated, potholes to fall in and roll out; it is never smooth sailing. True love is an endurance race and it's not designed for the fastest, it is made for the long haul. The thought of giving up never crosses your mind; you both are locked in to the end.
Ada Rios
Not everything is about love is sex, chocolate, flowers & jewelry. Its what we do daily for each other.
Roy Maestas Sr.
You get married and make a covenant to each other for life. I did and showed my love for my wife till her death. I gave her all I could while I took care of her during her travel on the road to death. For a full year I watch and experienced something most people will never see or feel. Death! It has no feelings. You see, I loved her more than anything else. She gave a wonderful life and great children. She also gave me hardship.  But you know it's what I did at the altar that made me the man. The covenant I agreed on with her through good and bad, richer and poorer, through sickness and death. While I sat there, hours by her bed side, I would not trade it for anything in life. The love she expressed to me for taking care of her was more fulfilling than I can express. This is love . There is more but I think I said enough. I will see her in heaven soon.
Eleanor Mone
It's called real love, reality, the little things, true friendship, teamwork, support, honest communication, respect, kindness, trust... Not the bullshit fairytale that exists only in your head for a while till you get bored.....
Mike Smith
Sometimes you go blind to the little things loved ones do for you, taking all that care for granted! It's not the flowers, the chocolates, or cards, but the meals they cook, the house they keep clean, the way they plan ahead to ensure your safety your happiness, and your comfort. Pay attention if they really love you they will show you with the only thing that matters life's little pains that you significant others always protects and helps you with. I love my wife, she is great. I try to show her everyday, sometimes I fail at this, but I give it all I have.

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