Monday, November 2, 2015

Women are Not to be Trusted!

Good evening ma, God bless you for the good works you have been doing.
I once posted on this page, on how a guy I love dumped me for no just cause in a terrible way.
Since then I have been scared to enter into another relationship. Six months ago, a friend introduced a guy to me. The guy is based in Bayelsa, am in Asaba. We became friends, after two months, he asked me to date him, which I accepted, because he was humble, honest and intelligent.
Last month, he came to visit me, while we were together he received a mail that he has been offered admission to do a certificate programme in England.
We rejoiced over it, and he went back to Bayelsa and started preparation. 
Three days to his departure, he came to see me and say goodbye. He made a statement that has been troubling me,"I won't have gone deep with you, if I knew I will be leaving this soon" 
I tried to encourage him that we can do it, if we are both committed. but he didn't believe me, he kept saying that women are not to be trusted. 
I then told him to break up with me, if he knew that he can't trust me.
He refused. My problem now is how do I convince him that I won't cheat on him, as I have made up my mind to be faithful to him. 

When a man's conscience is defeated, he's can never have the courage to believe or to be motivated no matter what you do or sacrifice for him or the relationship. 
A man who believes that women cannot be trusted shouldn't be trusted to be faithful to a lady even if he's in a relationship with a faithful lady. 
Being faithful to him and giving him the body language to give his heart to you can work in both ways because such men switch to next available lady once they get to where they are. 
Whatever decision you choose, please be aware of the probable consequences and outcome for such decision and be honest with what you can accommodate, endure and sacrifice for the sake of the relationship. 
When trust is scarce in a relationship, there is no way the relationship will prosper because there will be a lot of fears, assumptions, jealousy and emotional torture in the relationship. 
Think things through and pray about it before making your decisions on that. 

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