Monday, November 2, 2015

Am I Getting Married to the Another Woman's Husband?

Good morning to aunt Amara God bless you immensely for the good work you are doing. Please ma I need your advice on this issue.  
I turned 29 years old in October and I have been praying to God for a life partner. Few weeks ago I met a guy through my friend he has the qualities I wanted in a man but many things are involved here. 
Number one is that he stays abroad and he was married to a white but they got separated ten years plus ago and the marriage produced two children. 
Number two, his rented an apartment here in Nigeria was being occupied by his sister and her husbnd and he stays there whenever he  was around so certainly any woman he marries now will stay in that house. 
This guy wants to come and see my people next week though I like him but am scared if am actually marrying someone else's husband I don't know if this one is a prayer answered or a trap from the devil aunt Amy biko help a confused sister thanks and may God bless  you and your fans.

Dear, if he's only separated from the other woman, he's not emotionally disengaged from her and there are every possibility that they may unite together again and become one with each other. 
However if they are legally divorced, yes he's a single man who has the legal right to remarry. 
And please do not depend on what he said alone, get your evidences and facts about him and his personality before venturing into any commitment to him. 
If he has all the qualities that you want, please endeavour to prepare your heart for greater responsibility of taking care of his children and himself. 
Do not presume that things will work out as planned, find out what his plans are really and please do not be in a haste to rush in to marriage with him. 
Being ripe for marriage has never been an issue, getting married to a partner who share the same convictions and vision with you has always been one of the major challenges many have been exposed to in recent times. 
Pray about it and like I told you, if he's not legally divorced, then you may need to take some steps backward to avoid regrets. 

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