Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm Hurt, Bitter and Broken!

Hi aunty amara,am 25 years old.
I used to be in a relationship with a guy of 30 years old. The relationship lasted for three years and some months.
We went through so much together and I loved and assisted him with the little I had and he begged me to give him two years to establish himself before he can come and see my people and I agreed.
All of a sudden he made it and just last week October 29th ,he called and said I should move on that he is not sure he can be able to keep his promise in two years time.
Am hurt,bitter,broken and I feel used. please I need an advice on how to forget him and move on.
Then there's this guy that's coming for my hands in marriage. I don't like the guy at all. He has been pestering me for seven months now and honestly he is not my ideal man.
He is very caring to the core and he has a good conscience. He is a Christian and he doesn't find fault in anything I do.I've done everything I could to let him go yet he keeps calling and begging me to reconsider him.
He doesn't have much but the little he has,he is always willing to share with me but even with all this nice/caring attributes I still don't like him.
I've tried all I could to give him a chance yet no way. I frown at his jokes,I don't let him hold my hand,I don't feel happy whenever he is around me and to make matters worse,I asked him if he has a child with anyone maybe his ex or any other girl and he denied it and after one week,he came back and told me he had a two years old son with his ex girlfriend.
What do I do?
Do you think I could ever love someone that I don't even have at least likeness for in the name of "love grows"what if he is pretending that he doesn't get angry at all just to get me and I marry him and start seeing the other side of him?
Please advice me.

What you need is a break from all the love songs and lyrics that has occupied your heart. 
You were disappointed by the man who according to you promised marriage but dashed your hopes when you were already preparing for the introduction. 
And for a nice caring and Godly man to deny the truth about his son shows that there are so many questions begging for answers which if not attended to may be matters arising when you get married to him. 
It hurts that your partner treated you as though you have no value. 
Please do remember that a man is feeble and frail and no matter what they make of you or think about you, it will never limit you from fulfilling your purpose here on earth. 
This may have been God's way of saving you from what would have been a disaster in your life and destiny. 
Instead of looking at your ex and thinking, will a man ever love me, please look unto God and remember that he made a man specially and specifically for you He will use any and every means to bring his promises to fulfilment in your life. 
Take this moment to evaluate your life and plan your future. Learn from the shortfalls of your relationship and make amends where necessary. 
For now focus on self discovery and make healthy friends while leaving relationship out of your life until you are emotionally and psychologically healed from the pains and disappointment of the past relationship. 
Because God has not done with you, never you lose hope in Him. 


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  3. The girl is double dating before receiving the shocker. How come pestering and holding of hands irritating you. Some men are pissed off when they learn their girl is listening to New offers. So I guessed you gave him the reason for the quit. It might have been a set up.


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