Sunday, December 20, 2015

Am I Making a Mistake by not Sleeping with Him?

Please Aunty Amara, I really need your advice because am confused. I met a guy January 2011 at the bus stop because I was travelling with my elder sister....,
He asked for my number, I told him that I don't have phone he collected my sister's number and gave us N1000 for our transport.
Later he called me and said that he doesn't need a girlfriend that he wanted me to be his wife, I agreed because I love him, already he was nice to me and to my siblings.
NOTE: it was a distance relationship, we never had sex, he has introduced me to his family last year, he based at Lagos but I have never visited him for one day, last year he asked me for sex and I told him that I was not ready yet.
I don't know if was making a mistake because all my friends keep on telling me was that he must have a girl that he sleeps with.
I love him very much and I don't want to lose him

So let me ask you, who is this man? What do you know about his personality? Something like his manner of communication,likes and dislikes, hobbies, kind of music, his passion and sphere of friends and the kind of food that he enjoys eating. 
What is his personal relationship with God? What are his perceptions about the spiritual things and what inspires him the most? 
What does he do in Lagos and what really are you in love with?
For the fact that a man comes out of the blues and begin to shower you with gifts doesn't mean that he's as harmless as sancta claus or does it mean that he's the best one for marriage. 
Please do not let your desire to get married push you into making decisions that you will regret later in life. I will always advocate that anyone who yearns to get married to someday to build a healthy friendship with your partner to enable you understand more about the individual and minimise so many assumptions. 
This will take away the pressure and tension in pleasing your partner or in trying to impress him. 
That he has a lady he's sleeping with doesn't in any way mean that you should sell yourself less of God's grace in your life. 
You are never in a competition with anybody or any lady. 
All you need to do is let him know where you stand and encourage him to give you some time to know about his personality, passion, purpose and his personal relationship with God and others so that you can decide whether to continue with him or not. 
Anyway keep this at the back of your mind that men don't attach so much value to sex than they do to succeeding in life and they will always choose the lady who helps them to succeed over those who offered their body to him. 
Decide not to give your body but to give your heart in the relationship while you trust God to perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name Amen. 


  1. A man you met at the park suddenly called you and said he wants marriage and you quickly agreed claiming you love him?
    How well do you know this guy?
    Can you suddenly fall in love with someone you do not know to the extent of even accepting his marriage proposal via just a phone call?
    What is happening to our ladies?
    Dear poster...
    Don't let desperation sweep you off your feet..
    Seek to know him

  2. Funny pix.where do u even get all these pictures u use in posting?Aunty Amara


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