Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Family Members Doesn't Like us Together!

Hello ma.... Please I need your advice, am in a state of dilemma. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of seven years because of some issues.
His level of jealousy was very high that I was afraid of my future with him because of some of your post ,even my family members complained, he also lets family and friends in anytime we have issues, was not that free with him, he doesn't want me having friends unless they were his friends ,he kept telling me he would change after marriage,we don't get along very well in terms of communication.
He is a fresh graduate and we agreed to settle outside our state but recently he refused and has settled in our state.... It's a distance relationship.
This other guy have known him for like five years now our age difference is thirteen years , he has a son already but we get along well, my family members don't like us together because of the age difference and the fact that he already has a child. He is into illegal business but making plans to stop as soon as possible... Please ma enlighten me before I make a wrong decision

I don't know how you did it but I feel that you need to discover yourself before considering relationship with a man. 
Granted that you may have genuine reasons to have quitted the first relationship, I am worried that you were already double dating even while you were with your first partner. 
One of the losses of double dating is that it magnifies the flaws of both and leaves you guessing who you want instead of giving your heart to support your partner and help him become a better man. 
Please do remember this, bad means of living will soil the foundation of your marriage and home. 
It's wiser and eternally rewarding to start small and make a honest living by what you do instead of making millions through illegal means. 
Whether a man is one year older or more doesn't have any significance if they share mutual vision and passion for the relationship. 
And for the fact that a man or a lady had a child doesn't in any way mean that he /she doesn't deserve to be loved, accepted, appreciated, desired and cherished by a partner as long as such individual is single in every sense of the word. 
Marriage is not about your family but your personal journey with God. The opinions of your parents are lovely and helpful but your personal convictions and God's opinion supersedes the opinions of others. 
Seek the face of God and sit down tell yourself your heart the truth about what you love and desire in the relationship and in a man. 
When you are convinced, you will never be confused with what you love and who will bring out the very best in you. 


  1. Dear poster you have to learn how to live with yourself before you learn how to live with someone else may God see you through

  2. You see how you people behave...
    Tomorrow someone will come up here to say her marriage is scam...
    You're indirectly trying to give us reasons to advise you to marry the guy doing the illegal business...
    Your heart is set towards him and it's clear to see...
    Quit this art of cheating on two partners and take your time to know what you want...
    Cheating could appear interesting but the repercussion comes when you choose to settle down on the long run...


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