Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Find it Difficult to make Friends!

Good evening Amara Van-Lare
My name is K** From South Africa. I just saw people posting on your timelime asking advice. So I decided that maybe you might help me as well.
I have problem with making friends everytime I spent time indoors I keep on chasing people away, I feel am being rude or something. I sometimes get bored being indoors, I just don't know whether I have a problem or what!
And everytime when I get outside I feel so strange like people are agaisnt me..... Am trying to work this out but I think am struggling, or maybe it's my past that is holding me back.
I don't know please help

Many individuals are in your shoes but they felt it was normal so they never sought for counsel. I must commend your desire to influence with your personality and be a blessing to the world around you. 
Making friends begins with appreciating yourself and accepting yourself as God's perfect image and miracle to the universe. You cannot be appreciated by others when you struggle daily to compliment yourself, be beautiful and confess positively about yourself. 
The moment you begin to appreciate that you are not in a competition with anyone else, your boobs don't need to be like that of miss world and your body figure doesn't have to be like that of the first lady or the model who you admire on your television, you will naturally send a positive image of yourself to those who comes around you and anyone will love to meet with you simply because they cannot resist the positive image that reflects from you. 
When you have established a positive image of your personality, then you may simply start by thinking out ways to make an influence to those around you positively. 
Think of what you can do to help the person around you, something that may put a smile on their faces and brighten their world, something that may encourage their heart and strengthen their soul, something that will lift up their spirit and give them reasons to believe. 
While you can make friends using any means, it's best when you choose to build your friendship around the values and virtues that you cherish so much. 
A selfless hug, a sincere smiles, an honest compliments, a gentle devotion, a kind word, paying attention and a genuine interest in the challenges of another can be one of the powerful ways to enrich yourself with many friends. 
You need not hold unto your past because you cannot live in your past and you need not devote your life feeling rejected and condemned when those around you are wishing that you could remind them of what genuine joy and friendship could be like. 
For everyone God brings into our lives, he desires that we bless them with the little that we have. 
So take your time and appreciate the privilege of experiencing life and having a family and those who appreciate your personality. 
Take your time to compliment yourself on a daily basis, when you meet anyone, imagine how beautiful, lovely and unique they are just by being who they are. 
If you wish to compliment them, go ahead, words of compliments doesn't hurt. Give a smile selflessly and say thank you when someone else compliments you. 
The truth is that we all wish to have someone who sees us as a precious gift of life and friendship provides the perfect platform for genuine appreciation and total acceptance of who we are and also gives us the privilege to influence them positively with the values and virtues that lies within you. 


  1. In a world where backstabbing from so called friends is the order if the day, staying on your own could be a better option..
    Except you find it dufficult to interact with people, then it becomes a problem because you must need effective interaction to keep going...
    One must not be so close to you for you to interact effectively..
    Hence you must draw the line between human interaction and friendship and know exactly what you want...
    If friendship, You must choose your friends...Don't let them choose you and you must not force yourself to make a friend...
    It all starts with interaction with people...In the proccess of interaction, birds of a feather will definitely flock together and the bonding happens naturally...
    So my dear...Try to interact with people but start with discussing areas of your interest where you'll have a contribution to make otherwise it becomes a lecture...It could be politics, fashion, Sports e t.c...So it's a gradual proccess...


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