Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Her Friend is More Lovable than Her!

Aunty Amara Van-Lare thanks for being a solution architect,am a young man of age 23 years ,I just parted company with my girlfriend couple of months ago.
I met a girl of recent after my advances toward her,we became acquitted. I asked her for a relationship,which she said,she was going to think about it over months now.
Am kind of confused here but now am finding her friend more lovable than her,please I need your opinion.

I must advice you never to date the friend of the lady you are asking out or even consider liking her because it's against the ladies dating rules. 
Secondly which is almost similar to the first, never you consider dating the younger or an elder sister of the lady you are asking out for a relationship, I may not be accurate on what you may receive as a reward but one thing I can guarantee you is that you will lose both of them and your name will ring a bell in that environment. 
Since you already have one project, kindly focus on it and work on making it a huge success. I mean you don't want to be with her and later part company with her not after all the investment in the relationship. 
I will also advise you to sit down and organise your life so that you don't fall a victim of dating the wrong partner all because she's pretty and curvey. 
When a man doesn't have a defined purpose in life and understands the kind of partner he needs, he most times falls a victim of meeting with the wrong person or comparing his partner with another. 
Maybe you should focus on discovering yourself before looking for a lady to date but that depends on you anyways.

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