Monday, December 28, 2015

The Power of Unity

As we go into 2016, my prayer for every marriage is that God will make you one indeed. The Bible, in Amos 3:3, tells us that two cannot work together except they agree. You are one and you cannot be going north while your spouse goes south.
The same Bible, in Matthew 18:19, tells us that if two of us shall agree on anything, it shall be done. It goes further to say that one shall put to flight a thousand, but two shall put to flight, ten thousand. Now, this is the power of unity.
We all have our vision and desires as individuals. But you cannot be happily married if you dont know how to bring your individual visions together for success. If you are truly one, you would find a way to successfully use your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, one person has to put his or her vision on hold for the other and if that person happens to be you, why not? But as your spouse decides to put his or her vision on hold for you, make sure you give that person a reason to believe that the sacrifice is worth it. Selfishness does no good to your home.
I know that as women in this 21st century, we want to chase our own vision and stand out; it is good. But, you should never trade the unity and peace of your home for anything in this world. Those who did may never tell you this truth because they have to keep acting that they are happy. No one is happy in this life without a sweet and thriving relationship! They may act like they don't care, but they do and they daily wish they didn't trade that for career.
Become one with your spouse today and nothing shall be impossible for your home. Stop seeing your spouse as a stranger. Your spouse is you.
I also pray that the grace to "see you" be released unto you. When issues come up in your home, try not to see your husband or wife, see yourself. Ask God to help you change wherever change is needed. Concentrate on being the husband God wants you to be. Concentrate on being the wife you are called to be. Refuse to be influenced by the styles of this world. Refuse to do it the way your friends do it. Decide to lift the name of God high in your home. As you go into 2016, decide to make your home a heaven on earth. Make your home a godly model to many other homes.
May God's presence never depart in your home in Jesus name.

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