Saturday, December 12, 2015

How Do I Handle My Cheating Husband?

Good evening ma please I need your help...
I need you to advise me on how to talk to my husband about all these...
Well my husband and I got married last year... I noticed he was not comfortable when am close to his phone, he will pick it and put it by the other side, even when someone calls him he will bend the phone to check... They say curiosity kills the cat...
Out of curiosity I picked his phone and checked and saw that a day before I came because we both stayed apart due to work, he had sent a girl a text that he will be ready by 9 pm and she replied "ok love" ...
He later deleted the text when I checked again... I now saw he's been receiving calls from the girl... So I copied the number and saved on my phone to see her picture on WhatsApp. Later because he had deleted the text and I couldn't talk to him without proof I changed her name to make him aware I saw something. He picked my phone when I wasn't close and deleted all her numbers...
One night immediately he came back from work around 11 pm she called and I was in the room while he was in the parlor so I picked and she cut the call, realising he left his phone in the room he quickly came to pick and she was calling again so I was like let me pick who's was calling and he shoved me hard saying what's my problem?
I was shocked he left me in the room, I quickly placed a call to her from my phone and was like you just called my husband and I picked and you dropped don't you know he's a married man and ought to be with his family by now please I will appreciate it if you don't call him by this time again and dropped..
I followed him to the parlor now that I have a cause to talk to him about it and told him so this was what he's been doing and all wasn't he ashamed am heavily pregnant and he's doing all this to me?
He was like what was he doing why didn't I talk to him when I saw the text shey I think am smarter and went to take the number and saved it, I was like why wouldn't I... That why was I talking to him now? I was like oh so you want me to leave you so you can go ahead and bring disease to me shey?
He now started saying so am now saying he's sleeping with them and all, he didn't talk to me for three days that I was accusing him.
To cut the story short I travelled to give birth, came back and he's been behaving as if he has stopped and there's nothing on his phone again. Was playing with his phone and I saw he had true caller only for me to open it and saw the call records true caller had saved that he speaks to her like up to five or six times in a day and deletes it from his actual phone record and I was on my WhatsApp and saw she changed her display picture to a picture she was wearing his slippers I now realized I haven't seen the slippers since I came back..
Honestly am confused on how to go about. Please advise me.

We need not pet the truth and pretend as though it never happened. 
One of the effective ways of interceding for your husband is by communicating effectively with him. 
You are married and as such have the privilege to at least make enquiries about what you observed in your home. 
Kindly request that you have a heart to heart discussion with your husband. 
Save the picture of the strange woman and reprint it so that you can use it to buttress your point. 
Start by asking where his slippers have been and how he has been coping when you travelled. 
You must be calm and relaxed before engaging him in the conversation and try your possible best not to nag about it but to enquire about what could have lead him to start hiding behind the shadows and choosing to keep some strange friendship in the marriage. 
Listen and simply hear him out, when he's done, then you can express your feelings and views about that and then suggest for ways to put this mess out of your marriage. 
Let him know that it's evil and wicked for a husband to have strange friendship in marriage and it is also hurting for him to destroy the very home that you are praying to establish. 
After the discussions with the hope that he would have made some valid and valuable contributions, you will then get on your knees and seek the face of God concerning your marriage. 
It is a spiritual battle that millions of women had to battle with for us to have the kind of beautiful home and parents that we inherited in life. 
Many women sacrificed their all on the alter of prayers, perseverance and painful sacrifices. Some had to accept the children of the strange women, some were pushed out of their home but yet never gave up while some painfully died in pains and emotional torture of the strange women. 
Infidelity is not new to human existence but it becomes complex when we don't prepare ourselves spiritually and mentally for the devious plots and plans of the enemy against our homes. 
Doesn't it beat your imagination that a man will invest his all to get married to the lady he loves and the next second begin to pursue another lady outside the home? 
Doesn't it beat your imagination that a single lady who knows that the man who made advances on her was married but she still falls in love with him without minding the spiritual consequences of her decision? 
These makes me believe that conquering infidelity isn't what you do by confronting your partner or running away from your marriage but you need to seek God, cry unto him, surrender your home to him and plead that God intervenes in your marriage. 
I know that this wasn't what you prepared for and it wasn't what you expected from the man who promised heaven on earth for you but please seek God and don't fight your husband and his mistress. 
Leave the battle for God and give your best to raising your child and do not be discouraged or deterred by what the devil is doing in your marriage because he's already defeated. 
You shall overcome and I know that God will fight your battle and give you eternal peace in Jesus name Amen. 


  1. Amen. Lady you are an overcomer in the name of Jesus

  2. Ur knees should be down in prayers you will surely conquere.


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