Saturday, December 26, 2015

I Don't Want to Push Him into Cheating!

Hello Aunt Amara compliments of the season! God will continue to bless you for all you have been doing and the advice you give to single and married on this page.
Ma am tired and confused right now. I got married two months ago, I love my husband so much and he loves me much more that I can ever imagine, we live in peace and we were happy with each other until I became pregnant for him. Since I became pregnant everything changed, am no longer romantic and sexy the way I used to be, I no longer cook for him, he comes back and cook for himself without complaining but I always feel bad but I can't help it, there is no strength to do anything,I manage to have my bath a times!
Since I got pregnant we have not had sex, when ever the urge comes my tummy will turn up side down until I stop the romance and keep calm for sometime before the pains will come down. My food doesn't really taste nice again because I can't stand for long in the kitchen, I always make it fast fast so I can go and rest because I feel very weak.
Sometimes my husband complains bitterly and I will start crying, he will tell me to calm down that he understands, I will still make moves just to make him happy, sometimes I blame myself for getting pregnant so fast and also thanking God for making it come fast.
Please ma is this my condition normal to every married women or is there anything I should do that am not doing or is there anything I should do? Am just five weeks pregnant and it has really affected my husband sexually. Am really worried, my husband is not the cheating type and I appreciate God for that.
I don't want to be the one to make him start it. Please ma what should I do? I love him so much and I don't want to lose him he respects me a lot. Thanks a lot please ma am waiting for response. God bless you.

I greatly rejoice with you and your husband because you have no idea what the Lord has done for you. You are the one touch kind of lady and as soon as he touched you, we are already counting down to harvesting a bundle of joy and perfection in your marriage. 
You have no idea how much many have invested just to experience what you are currently complaining about. They don't even mind having double of your symptoms just to be a mother and you are busy blaming yourself because your baby came faster than you planned for him.
Please start appreciating God for favouring your home with fruits of the womb and enrol for the antenatal care so that you can monitor the growth and development of your precious baby.
What you are experiencing is perfectly normal and healthy for you and your baby, it's the effects of hormonal changes that is affecting your body so you shouldn't be worried about that but encourage your husband to be patient with you and considerate in his reactions. 
First trimesters can be very difficult for some and exciting for others and it's characterised by some emotional highs and lows feelings like having the urge for sex and then feeling cold about the whole stuff and feeling weak to do some things that you normally would do without stress. 
You may also lose appetite for some of the food you love and end up craving for something different from the normal. 
So encourage your husband to be patient with you and the emotional changes of your body which will affect your attitude to some things in your home. 
The beauty of your pregnancy is that it will bring you and your husband closer and help him to understand the things that makes you feel happy or the things that makes you unique in your own way. It's no time for nagging and complaints about the things you aren't doing, if you are not comfortable with sex, he can try kissing and caressing your body or licking of your vagina but anything that would not put pressure on your tummy or your baby. 
After some time probably at the last phase if your first trimester, your sex drive may increase and then he will get tired making love with you because you may have a heightened desire for sex as a result of more blood flow at the lower part of your body. 
You can try positions that is comfortable with you and your husband and then learn to relax with him and not feel worried about the things you cannot do. 
A man who doesn't understand the state of mind of a pregnant woman and is willing to give his support, understanding and loving attention to her doesn't know what his responsibilities are to his wife and such a man has no excuse to cheat on his own flesh and blood.
So please encourage him to read this and let him know that what you are experiencing isn't by your own making but as a result of the growth and development of your baby.
I wish you the best and most of all, a beautiful pregnancy experience and a safe delivery when you are due. 


  1. but why licking her VG, is it a lollipop? I wonder how some women wants their husbands to be doing that and how those men can just put their mouth into licking such thing, I don't need my wife to give me blow job

  2. GOD has purpose in everything that's going on our lives, more appreciation to Him, I don't get name dear but I really envy you n your husband, although am not married


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