Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Boobs Makes me feel Depressed and Traumatised!

Good morning aunty Amara, please I need your advise on this. This is an issue that has been eating me up since teen. I've got this obvious asymmetrical breast, it has caused me so much social trauma; I hardly camp with a fellow girl, have lost my self confidence, I'm being so selective in my wears, infact it has turned me into such an indoor girl that everyone around me complains.
And the worst is that I rarely give any guy a dating opportunity in my life for fear of being exposed. As I write to you now I feel so depressed and traumatised. I'm actually awaiting NYSC but that I must tell you is one of my biggest challenge cos it's sacrosanct I'll wear polo which I've never done before.
Please I need your advise on this, I've never been happy since my teen.

When I checked your profile and saw only one picture, I needed nobody to explain what you were experiencing as a result of the asymmetrical breast size. One thing you must know is that no two breasts are the same and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them because that's how God designed them but when one is obviously smaller than the other, some ladies feel inadequate as a lady and wishes to do anything possible to make them bigger or at least the same size with the other. 
I consulted a medical doctor on the medical implications of your breast size and she said that medically, you are perfect and healthy and have all the potentials to breastfeed as long as you have your breast duct even if it be as small as a palm kernels. However because of the side effects of breast enhancement and the cost involved, it may not be advisable for you to engage in such. 
This is what I suggest you do, you must first accept your body as yours and learn to appreciate who you are beyond the body you carry. Our identity is not in the state of our body but in the state of our heart and thoughts in life. 
You must learn to understand that every humanity under the earth has one form of body hangover or the other. Some want a bigger penis, some wish for an equal vagina lips, some want their ears to be smaller and their hips to be bigger and the list goes on. 
You need to embrace your image and be proud of what you can do and not focus on how your breast looks like. 
Since you may want to always look balanced, then you may need to add a foam inside the smaller breast so that they will have an equal size with the other. 
Your tailor may help you get this done and that will go a long way to give you a better self esteem and confidence that you crave for. 
Please remember to be sincere with your partner when he has declared his intentions to you so that he will be aware of how you are and what to expect from you on your honeymoon. 
There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of because you are perfectly normal and healthy. 
These are the responses of your hormones during the puberty phase of your body and there is nothing wrong with those okay. 
Please do well to make your life beautiful and adorable by appreciating yourself and celebrating your body for all that you have and not for what you don't have. 
You owe nobody any explanations for how your breast turned out because you never created them yourself, it's a gift from God alone. 
Please make sure that you snap as many pictures as possible and be loving and kind to yourself by coming out of the shelf of low self esteem and celebrate God's faithfulness by expressing yourself without fear or timidity. 
I love you, I am proud of you and I believe in your personality. 
Congratulations on your graduation and I wish you all the best in all your endeavours. 


  1. after reading through ur case and the response love ambassador gave to you I think she has digress it well av given u all what u need but to buttress the issue there are some steps that u can use to support ur breast which won't make it look too obvious when u wear a polo
    1) Wear bra with strechy bra cups
    2) Wear bra with moulded cups
    3) Use an insert on the smaller breast and wear moulded bra with it to make it firm. The best bet is just to appreciate who u are and who ur physical appearance looks like. A man that would love u truly will look beyond ur physical appearance.

  2. I guess it's the left that is larger and/ or longer which occurs to some extent in every woman...pls don't torture yourself over something as trivial as this ...believe me its quite trivial

  3. Try touching and fondling the smaller one often and it will increase a lil bit

  4. Put a breast pad in the smaller breadt before you wear the bra.

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