Sunday, December 27, 2015

I Want to Serve Her Divorce Papers!

Good day ma, compliments of the season. Please Amara I am married for six years now with three beautiful kids but I have not had any love from my wife,worst part of it was she always nagged at me even when I asked her for something, she replied me in an arrogant way.
During sex she nagged at me, since I married her,she was never satisfied for what we have,she always complained whenever she saw what neighbours achieved.
I want my lawyer to serve her a divorce notice because of these her characters, please want your advice and people advice.

Six years after, I'm certain that you can agree with me that you have grown to understand her personality and attitude much more than when you first met her. 
Marriage brings out not only the best but it also exposes our shortcomings and limitations as an individual. Though I understood all you said but do you feel that serving her a divorce notice will be the best alternative to her communication flaws? 
What have you done to help her understand how you feel about her nagging attitude and what she can possibly do to help you find peace and fulfilment in your marriage? 
How many books or movies have you bought which addressed some of the issues that you raised which somewhat will send a message to her on some of her flaws and how to express herself without nagging or always comparing you with others? 
You are at your breaking limit of your marriage but have you ever thought of discussing this with God and asking him to give you the wisdom and patience to manage her weaknesses. Have you sat her down to have a heart to heart conversation about this and how broken you feel whenever she talks to you in such a manner? 
A nagging wife may be reacting to an attitude that irritates her and the best way for her to let her frustrations out will be through nagging. 
What could she be reacting to? Your attitude towards her, or your leadership at home? Do you still care about her and her needs, do you still make out time to be with her and appreciate her little efforts to build your home? Do you still pay attention to her yearnings and her desires in your marriage or has she been reduced to a slave that has the responsibility to cater for your children? 
This is the woman behind your beautiful and lovely children, this is the woman behind your success and progress in life. 
She may have a poor way of expressing herself and a poor communication skills but will that be enough reason for you to throw in the towel and destroy all that you have invested in your marriage for six years and counting? 
I think that there could be a better option than giving up, try not to react to everything she says, and learn to appreciate her efforts and her personality irrespective of her errors. 
Give her love and learn to be extra caring about all she's doing.
Whenever she nags, simply use the opportunity to appreciate her, tell her that she's the best gift God blessed you with and even if you are a failure, you never failed to win her love and affection. 
Assure her of your love and so much commitment towards building a home that she will be proud of. In your closet, pray and pray and pray for her. 
Get her some books to study books like Love and Respect, Men are from Mars, and Women from Venus,Emotional Intelligence and other books that talks about effective communication in marriage. 
Get her movies that will also address issues of nagging and help her make amends to her ways and manner of communication. 
Also you may encourage her to write to me so that I can have a word with her and find out what she may not be saying in your marriage. 
Every phase of matrimony comes with some peculiar experiences and the way and manner we manage them is what brings out the very best in you and and your partner and this is what the world celebrates as a successful marriage. 
Because God is still on the throne, kindly crush the thoughts of divorce from your mind and take your marriage to God and allow him to fix every cracked areas of your marriage. 


  1. Now dis is so interesting Amara is my role model i love her

  2. Dear poster,one of the things most men do to their wives leads to nagging. Instead of blaming her n Threatening to divorce her,I think u should look within at things u r doing or do in the past that might have upset is obvious she is angry about something. Seat your wife down n talk to her n also ask for forgiveness instead of 'running away'.how sure are u that d next person u will meet will not nag u to death...act wisely

  3. Dear poster,one of the things most men do to their wives leads to nagging. Instead of blaming her n Threatening to divorce her,I think u should look within at things u r doing or do in the past that might have upset is obvious she is angry about something. Seat your wife down n talk to her n also ask for forgiveness instead of 'running away'.how sure are u that d next person u will meet will not nag u to death...act wisely

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