Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Mum Embarrassed my Girlfriend!

Aunty good evening, my story goes like this: am a 24 years old boy dating a girl of 20 years. I love the girl that I will like to marry her but something happened last week that my mum embarrassed the girl saying she was eating my money but I cautioned my mother but since then the girl has been acting strange towards me.
She doesn't pick my calls again nor talk to me but I gave so many reasons not to call off the relationship but she has made up her mind.
Please aunty advice me what do you want me to do?

Beautiful! Lesson: don't discuss the shortcomings of your partner with your mother. She may not handle it the way you may have wanted her to. 
Solution : apologise for exposing her to the world and telling everyone what you did for love.. Lol, you see if we all say what we did for love, we may sound pretty foolish and childish to some individuals so learn to keep your mouth closed especially when you are angry and when you are excited, it will help you in your relationship with a lady. 
Be patient with her and continue to send her some lovely messages, compliments and sweet nothing words that will awaken her love and commitment to you. 
Don't rush her or force her to love you but simply be the kind of friend she can't do without and she will willingly return back to you.

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  1. Our people say that what an adult sees while sitting down a child cannot see it even if he climbs the tallest tree...Your mom has seen something that your fairy tale love has blinded your eyes from seeing, and if the girl in question is not guilty she will not take it to heart, so her refusal to answer your calls simply means that she's feeling guilty of your mom said...She's only 20 and still has a long way to go and can hook up with another man tomorrow, even after all the money you've spent on her, so you have to be wise and tread with caution. I am not saying that you should stop spending money on her, but let it be moderate and it must be on her basic needs not on the things she wants, but the things she needs...Meanwhile give her sometime before calling her on phone again. #enoughsaid


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