Sunday, December 27, 2015

How Do I Introduce my Fiance to my Family?

Hello Mrs Van Lare, a friend introduced me to this page. You are doing a great job.
Am twenty-five years old, in a serious relationship. My fiance is 30, a photographer, he stays with a friend (he is searching for accommodation presently) and he is all I desire in a man. He planned to travel with me in order to introduce me to his family (though I speak with them on phone). But I refused because he is yet to get his own accommodation..
Please am I being strict by acting that way?
Also, what is the best way for me to introduce my fiance to my family....I feel shy.
Thanks Ma.

Every legitimate source of income or livelihood no matter how degrading they may be should be appreciated and celebrated by all even if it be that he's not making so much at the moment. 
The crazy thing is that those who feel that they were educated stay under the air conditioned room and wait for their peanuts salaries while those with skills really make good fortunes and yet some mock them and indirectly abuse them. 
If you are shy to let your family know that he's a photographer, kindly let him go for a lady who understands the difference between a suit and a bank account. 
It's actually an insult for you to be shy of a man's means of livelihood and yet claim to love him and according to you be the man of your dreams. Even if you feel that he can be better than he currently is, that should not make you feel shy of him and his profession. 
Camera men are never hungry if they know what they're doing. That's by the 
I feel that you shouldn't be giving this man so many restrictions all because you feel that he hasn't gotten everything you wanted him to get. For the fact that you are already communicating with his parents, courtesy demands that you present yourself to them at least so that they will know who their son is proposing marriage to. 
Depending on how much you claimed to love him, this is something that you don't need him to build his house before you could do but will also be an avenue to make further enquiries about his family and get to know about his culture and community. 
I hope that you won't push this man out of your life all because he fell in love with you but you will humble yourself and help him succeed in his career and passion in life. 
I hope that you will humble yourself and stop giving him ultimatum and laws and learn to appreciate his commitment and personal sacrifices to making this vision a reality. 
Even if there are things you wish him to get, I hope that you will also support him and encourage him not by telling him what to do but by giving him what you have even if it be your time and prayers. 
Marriage is not for those who are wishing for what they can't create but for those who are willing to give their heart to building a future that they will be proud of much later in life. 
Please seek the face of God and be guided on how best to be a help meet to your partner.

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  1. I just want to say that we must look with in ourselves if this is the man you truly want then you will fine a way to do what it is you need to do.


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