Monday, December 28, 2015

He Can't Speak Good English!

Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance. Good evening ma, please with all due respect insult is allowed.
I have known this guy for like three years now and we haven't had any sex, he is caring, loving and the guy is so much into me. He wants to marry me but I have been rejecting him because of his inability to speak good english *me self am not perfect*, he is too jealous and we always have issues about the way people comment on my pictures like Angel, my Queen.
I have prayed on my own so many times but instead of him leaving he is becoming more serious. I have even gotten a clear revelation that he is my husband but how do I cope with his jealousy and inability to speak well. I suddenly developed this hatred for him that even his calls pisses me off but yet he couldn't let go and I have done so many bad things to him to let me go but he is still there telling me how much he loves me.
I tried explaining to my mum but she said I should wait until he comes back that I might love him with time. Please ma do you think that will be possible? Sorry for the long write up and errors

What your mail reminded me of was that of a prodigal son who was full of himself and was wiser than his father that he wanted to pursue his own way instead of the way of his father.
The painful reality is that many are choosing who to marry without even letting God become part of their decision even if it be for one day. They set the rules, gave the description, and after they have wedded their own choice of partner, they will then invite God to change their partner. 
I may not have the right words to convince you but I pray that you don't lose your treasure while you are looking for stones. This man's only crime was appreciating the beauty of God in you. His only intentions is to care for you, protect you from anything that will harm you, provide all that you need and stand by you in times of troubles. 
He's aware that his grammar may not be like those in America and Europe or even Lagos and Port Harcourt. He never allowed his limitations to hinder him from giving you love and being patient with you even when you clearly make mockery of his personality and treat him with disdain. 
You have decided not to heed to God's word and even respect this young man. You have decided not to look beyond his poor English and perhaps teach him how to speak like you do at least. 
You have decided to let the pride of self consume you so much that whatever your mum or anybody else is saying doesn't make any meaning to you. 
Well I won't insult you, that's a weak man's way of understanding the weaknesses of an individual. Sincerely I hope that you don't make a decision that you may regret much later in life. 
It would have been understandable if your reasons for hating him was because of his attitude and personality and not because of the way he speaks English language but clearly that was not the case. 
I would encourage you to seek God much more than you did earlier, if he has convinced you that he is your husband, please do not harden your heart towards him or make mockery of his personality. 
With patience and understanding you can teach him English to the grade and level that you wish to. His attitude towards your comments will change when you begin to give him some respect, appreciation and love for loving you selflessly.
No man and I repeat no man became all he was without the support and sacrifices of a loving partner who clothed their nakedness and packaged him in the manner that the world will be amazed and celebrate him. 
If you are not comfortable with his personality and his vision in life and you are not attracted to him and you feel that he's not the one for you, kindly let him know and bid him goodbye. 
There are some things that God cannot do for you, he will not push you to accept his will for your life but will encourage you to choose him instead of your will. 
But always have this in mind that no matter how wise anyone may be, he cannot be wiser than God and if God gives you any gift, be rest assured that he won't give you anything that you won't enjoy for the rest of your life. 
Please take out some time to seek the face of God, take your time and hear explicitly from God before making your decision.

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  1. What I wl add is this, relationship or marriage is not about two perfect individuals itz about two imperfect individuals coming together to become perfect. U are not perfect as well, dere wl b somethings d guy don't lyk about u bt hez ready to accept ur imperfections cos u guys are meant to compliment each other. Correct his grammar in love n he will appreciate it. As for the aspect of jealousy,tell him how you feel about it.


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