Monday, December 28, 2015

My Penis was not as Strong as a Wood!

Aunty Amara Good morning ma, hope family is great...
I have an issue that keeps me awake at night.. Ma please can masturbation cause Erectile Dysfunction? I started the act at a very tender age and grew with it... Over the years I get to stumble into articles that says porn causes ED. I started checking myself and noticed that my erection is not as strong as a wood and I don't know if it will be able to penetrate a woman...
Is there a need for me to be perturbed or is it normal... Am getting prepared for marriage and I will not want to tell stories when the time comes... Must I be hardened down below or is my hard, hard enough?
Please ma am confused because my girlfriend has been faithful for five years now and still a virgin... Will not want her waiting to be for nothing... Please ma what's the best thing for me to do...
Thank you ma.

One thing I know is that masturbation can affect the vital nerves of your penis thereby affecting the rate of blood flow into the tip of your penis which is what makes your penis to harden like a wood. 
If you are no longer able to achieve that, then you may need to visit an urologist to examine your penis and find out if any of your veins has been affected by your addiction. 
Another thing that may hinder you from achieving erection could be the psychological factor whereby the sight of a vagina or a naked woman doesn't arouse the excitement in you which makes you want to devour your wife like a sweet smelling cake and this could be as a result of the fact that you have given your body a different kind of pleasure which is masturbation and as such cannot achieve erection when you are with your wife. 
Whether you can penetrate with your wife or not depends greatly on the state of your mind and the state of your penis but then we can't tell until you have tried it out. 
Maybe you should desist from masturbation if you are serious about preparing yourself for marriage and your desire to give your wife a mind blowing sex. 
Maybe you should consider her feelings should she get to know that the man she has trusted for years has been masturbating and giving her the impression of being an innocent man. 
Maybe you should desist from masturbating to avoid anything that could affect the health of your penis which will affect your reproductive health. 
Maybe you should ask God for mercies and forgiveness for abusing your body through self stimulation and choose not to indulge in it no matter the pressure or the cost. 
You see, if God doesn't approve of it, it can never be of any benefit to you irrespective of how enticing we may think it is. 
It's up to you to decide how you want to enjoy your sexual intimacy with your wife in your marriage.

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