Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lord, I Want to Get Married!

Aunty good morning, God bless you for the work you are doing in the life of the heart broken.
Aunty please I need your words of encouragement cos am really depressed and frustrated. I know some people will say am too young to be sounding like this.
Am a 24 year old serving corp member and still single that is no relationship no marriage yet. I have been single for over three years now and its really bothering me cos I feel lonely a times.
Aunty will I sound desperate if I say I really want to get married as soon as possible cos that's what my heart desires most. Please aunty I need your encouragement and candid prayer for a life partner cos I have been praying for over three years for this, not just a husband but a best friend. Thank you mummy Amara cos you've been a blessing to me through this your platform.

I don't think that you are desperate but you simply yearn for more of love and loving moments that will make you glow with pride and confidence. 
It's a legitimate desire and I know that God has made provision for that even before you came to be and even though it may seem as though it's not coming when you yearn for it most. 
However, I must remind you that marriage is actually not for those who are lonely because sometimes in your marriage your partner may not be as close as you may desire him and you may feel lonely in your marriage perhaps when you have a misunderstanding or a disagreement in your marriage. 
I'm painting the scenario just to help you understand that marriage isn't a recipe for a lonely partner. 
Marriage is more of a work than a romance and each partner is as responsible and responsive as the other to ensure that the home succeeds. 
Because of limited funds, there are many challenges that partners have to sacrifice their own comfort and resources to overcome in their marriage. 
Sometimes the things that you wished for in marriage may varnish, your partner may lose his job, there could be delay in conception, there could be challenges raising your children and taking care of your relatives and maintaining good relationship with his own relatives and these will keep you on your toes on a daily basis until you overcome them. 
This is why I always encourage everyone to prepare for marriage while trusting God for their own partner. 
Develop your skills and virtues and equip yourself with all the information that you need to be a purposeful woman who understands her roles and is willing to sacrifice her all to help her husband become the man that she will be proud of. 
If any man finds out that you are desiring marriage, his vision will be to make you responsible by making you a single mother and I'm certain that you don't deserve such. 
For the fact that some got married earlier than you or at a certain age doesn't mean that God is done with you and that you won't be married to the man God has prepared for your destiny.
Just have this at the back of your mind everyday that God has prepared a man who will love you and accept you totally without any reservations and you don't need to do anything to have him if not for you to hide yourself in God's presence and patiently wait for him. 
While you wait for your husband, please develop your skills and discover your purpose and passion in life. 
Deal with the loneliness by engaging yourself in a productive and positive activities like helping others, the needy, the hurting and those who have one challenge or the other. 
Read materials that will help you meditate on how to impact on our society and be a blessing to our generation. 
Stop having low self esteem of yourself or feeling that without a man that your life won't be a blessing to the world but think on how your knowledge and experiences will have a positive impact on those around you. 
Let the world remember you for what you stood for and before you know it, God will bless you with a man who will stand by your side. 
When your life is a blessing to others, heaven will bless you with a man who will make you smile without stress. 
Make friends with those who share your vision and your passion in life. Focus on building a good relationship with your friends and those around you and feel free to express your views and opinions without feeling inferior of yourself. 
Attend edifying programmes and seminars,take yourself out and dress your best. 
Don't wear skirt and blouse where you ought to wear a gown and don't dress in an oversized material or wear a make up that is at best embarrassing. 
Learn to show courtesy, smile as often as possible and be yourself without sending a signal of desiring a husband to every man that says hi to you. 
When you allow God to bless you with your own husband, you will never regret every moment you spend with him. 
God is faithful and I believe that he will favour you with the desires of your heart in due time. 


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