Saturday, December 5, 2015

His Performance Gets Me Worried!

Good day ma'am, good job you are doing here. Please I need your advice cos I know you are a successful mom.
I love my son so much, I treat him well and I make sure he doesn't have low self esteem. We are very close too, he'll be 10 years in a few months time but my concern is his performance in school. I have done all I could, put him in a good and godly school, got him a tutor at home, I pay so much for all of these, I also make out time to go over whatever he's been taught in school on a daily basis but I don't get the desired result.
He fails the same question he answered correctly at home especially mathematics in the exam hall. How do I handle such a child. His home teacher is also committed.
Please I need your advice and that of experienced parents.

Every child has something that wins their love at any time of the day.
For some it's games, for others it's music and movies and for for some it's images and illustrations.
Sometimes those who seem to be slow in learning actually are more likely to perform better when they have grown than those who we tag high class intelligent children.
So to help you, find out what he enjoys most, from movies and music to games and images.
With this you can create a mental image of what you want him to learn infusing it with the movie or the images with a promise to give him a reward for his hardwork.
Do not feel disappointed or discouraged by his performance, always remind him that he can do better and that you believe in him.
If he makes mistakes, patiently correct him and every weekend or free time he may have, use it to memorise what he learnt the previous day.
You may start by saying my lovely son, please what did your teacher teach you today.
If he feels like you already know, let him know that you wish to learn from him because you love him.
Let him feel intelligent and free to share his fears with you and continuously encourage him not to give up.
I'm certain that he may want to ride a bike or a better birthday cake or something else.
Use it as a motivation to help him channel his mind to mathematics.
Infuse mathematics in music, movies and also use physical objects to illustrate your point.
You can teach him addition and subtraction using his favourite juice drinks and snacks.
You can also buy him movies in cartoon character that will help him understand mathematics.
These images never leaves the mind of children and they will remember faster with that than with the rigorous and stressful teaching procedures most schools adopt.
I know that you are worried at the pace of his understanding but give him some time and allow him to learn at his own pace in a loving and supportive environment.
I'm already waiting to hear your testimonies about him because I know your son is more intelligent than you think of him.


  1. I also encourage you to pray for him daily and as you prepare him for School each morning prophesy the word of God upon him such as _ you would be taught by the Holy spirit, you are the treasure of wisdom and knowledge, you are wiser than your teachers and counterparts etc. Introduce him to Christ and teach him the word of God. God will help you as you have the burden to give your son the best. Also be careful names you call him and never abuse him. All the best.

  2. School marks are of nu use, other than for a few jobs.

  3. How much of TV does he watch? TV is a big distraction for kids these days


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