Monday, December 21, 2015

Please I don't Want to Die!

Hello aunty Amara ,
help me,i'm in a state of delimma now. I'm a young girl of 22. I got pregnant for my boyfriend who I knew for seven years without sex. The first day he had sex with me was when I got trapped. Oh had I known!
He said I should terminate the baby but I refused... I pleaded with him and he accepted. I made it known to my parents and they were so mad at me. My mum never really liked the guy for once. My boyfriend promised to marry me so we shouldn't have the child in an illegal way. With the love I had for him,I accepted to marry him but my parents refused.
Eventually they agreed but not with their heart. He paid my bride price. We are yet to wed. I moved in with him with the pregnancy. I found out that he's the opposite of who I thought he was, aunty this man beats me, he doesn't spend a dime on me.
I strive very hard to cater for myself. He womanizes even under my own nose. On my eight month he gave me the beating of my life. All these were happening I couldn't tell my parents cos they warned me at hand. I just had to swallow the bitter pills alone, eventually by his grace I put to bed this January to a beautiful girl.
That didn't change a thing, it worsened! Just cos of a trivial issue. He almost killed me when my baby was barely one month. I was carrying the baby and he was hitting me, I ran out of the house with the baby he continued hitting me until other tenants came out to rescue me, aunty since I gave birth to my angel and till now,my husband has never given me a dime for baby clothing or anything.
I do that with the little money I saved. He forces himself to have sex with me whenever he wants. Aunty, just last week,I found out that I'm already one month gone! Oh what a world. Aunty I don't want to terminate the baby neither do I want to continue living with the man.
My parents disowned me cos after the last beating. I ran home. They welcomed me and warned me never to go back cos they will disown me if I do, but eventually my husband showed up pleading and pleading. I forgave him cos of the love.
My parents asked me to choose between them and my hubby... Thinking that my hubby has changed for good. I chose him. Not knowing that I chose my death. It hasn't really been fair with me since then. Aunty now I'm one month gone. I need to elope with my baby and my unborn child.
I don't want to die! The mistake has been made already. I am to blame. But please do not forsake me. Aunty I need help from you and your fans. Please I have nowhere to run to. I need someone who will hospitalize me somewhere outside Anambra ,so I can look for any work I can do to save my two-bodied self and my little angel.
Aunty please. Do anything you can do to help me. I really don't want to die. Currently my hubby seized my phone last night cos he heard me lamenting to my best friend. I'm typing this with her phone cos she introduced me to you. Please I need help, do not let me wallow in pains. I already have high blood pressure at my age.
Aunty please I need to leave! Help me!
Sorry for the lengthy write up . God bless you.

Please take a deep breath and know that you are not alone in your pains and agony. 
Your life is more important to God, your lovely children, your adorable parents, your supportive relatives and we your friends all over the world. 
Kindly pack all your belongings and return back to your family. That's why they will always be there for you, in times of good and bad, even when the world rejects you and the ones you loved abuses you, family will always be there to welcome you. 
We don't wish to receive your dead body and we reject every plot of the enemy to terminate your life using any means. 
Return home please because with the state of your pregnancy and your infant baby, work isn't the first thing that you need, but you need to take care of your health and enrol for the antenatal programme so that you can examine the health of your baby and also ensure that you and your baby is in good health. 
People will identify with you when you have returned to your family but not for you to live like you have no father or mother or relatives. 
Kindly return home and please do not return to the man's house while you are still with your baby. 
I know that this is a difficult moment for you but don't worry because we have God who is able to rescue you and save you from the hands of an oppressive and abusive partner. 
I feel your pains and I would love you to keep me posted on this issue. 
Thank you. 


  1. It's just a quick advice... Go back to your family you'll be safe there,am sure they'll take you back.
    Just remember that there are predators everywhere including this page willing to take advantage of your situation
    Also, make up your mind to forgive the guy but NEVER go back to him.

    1. when dey tell u small iduots rats to keep your viginal one place or give it to the highest bidder, u say nooo and you small mumus will go about sharing your stinking totoh to all these nonsense oloribiruku oloshi broke ass bastards!

      good for you ooo, abeg carry your cross ooo, in your next world, u will know that love doesn't exist!!!smtcheeeewwwww rubbish

  2. Dear poster...
    Even the prodigal son messed up...
    He did worse things...
    Yet he realized his root and pleaded for forgiveness...
    He was accepted and given another chance...
    Running to a strangers place wouldn't be the best option..
    For how long can such a person accommodate you and your children...born and unborn?
    The catering and financial aspect nko? For how long?
    Your parents home is the best place to run to...
    Whether they disowned you or not..
    Go back home and plead for mercy
    No place like home...
    But I'll advice you...
    Give common sense a chance in your life cos this love thing is clouding your common sense..
    Have you not been beaten enough?
    Do you want to recieve sense after you've been killed?
    I must tell you...
    People do not change easily...
    Change is more than a proccess...
    Forget his pleas...the tears and all that nonsense..
    Use your head

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  4. Go back to ur family. ........
    Dats just d best thing to 4 now

  5. God will see u through, just go back to ur family,they gonna accept u no matter what. .

  6. God will see u through, just go back to ur family,they gonna accept u no matter what. .

  7. Run to God is going to help you out now you're learning a lot of your marriage right I hope what happened to you. It's going to help most of ladies who run to any man for marriage. Good luck

  8. Truth sets free:
    Love is a beautiful virtue. You don't fall in love because, once the things that gave you such feelings changes, then You will always want to fall out of love. Christ never fell in love with you for him to love you, rather he chose to love you for better for worse. That is how we are supposed to view love since we ought to be like Christ. Reading your story, I could only see a boy willing to have sex but not willing to face it's consequences and so immature to handle the responsibility at hand. Allow me to say that for the whole seven years, he was filled with infatuation and never knew what love is because if he did, he would still have accepted all the responsibility as a friend who you had known for seven years.The did has been done and it's better you go back home to your family. Stay separate until he is matured mentally and spiritually as a man who is ready to be with a woman would do. On your own part you have done yourself wrong by forgetting what it means to be a woman. Whether you were trapped by him or trapped by feelings to have sex, one thing you should bear in mind as a single lady is that you have a purpose greater than having sex with a friend who has not paid your bride price. Your purpose has a way of attracting the right people and the right situation, but greater number of humans are trapped by feelings. Take care of your whole self and your child and also seek the face of God. Never underestimate what communication to God through prayer can do. Remember, love is accompanied by feelings but love can never be a feeling. Peace..

  9. Dear poster return to your family they will take you back. Never in your world go back to your so called "hubby".Even when you are dead in his wicked hands u still refer to him as hubby. When ever he comes for his children you release them. And most importantly draw closers to God, he will see you through.


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