Monday, December 21, 2015

He Won't Come Unless I Agree to Marry Him!

Good morning ma! Wishing you and all your wonderful fans a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Am a girl of 26 years, met this man on a social media a month ago and we became friends, started chatting and talking on phone. He's 38 years old, from the east but lives in Abuja and am also living in the east...
He started telling me about his intention to marry me right from the first day we started chatting and I always put him off, telling him that I don't take anyone that tells me about marriage online serious.
He asked me to visit him in where he's based but I refused, he then said he will come to the east to see me and that he will want me to introduce him to my parents so he can make his intentions known to them. Afterwards, I will follow him down to his village and spend a week with him there, so that I can get to know his people too.
My fear now is that we barely know each other and I don't want to take a man I don't really know to my parents, want to know him well before introducing him to them. But he's not seeing it from my point of view, he said he won't come, unless I agree to marry him and introduce him to my family. He said he will be travelling abroad for a business trip by January and he will stay there for seven months.
I don't know if am doing the right thing by not allowing him to see me and my family before travelling. Please friends advice me cos am confused. Thanks and may God bless you all.

When a man rushes to get you hooked even when you can't tell who he is, he's either hiding something terrible from you or he's about to destroy you using marriage as a bait. 
Marriage is not a joke for those who want to toil with the emotions of others or those who wants to acquire a new title but it a serious business which every partner is accountable to God and each other.
By the mere fact that he wants to travel abroad for a business trip for seven months should send a negative signal as to the true identity of this man and what marriage meant for him. 
If he isn't patient enough to know about your personality, passion, appearance and your personal relationship with God, and if he's not willing to invest some time on friendship and get to know each other and whatsoever it was he wishes to share with you, kindly avoid such an unnecessary stress and anxiety of meeting with a strange stranger and don't even border giving your family the panic of meeting with him. 
Thankfully you didn't try going to visit him and I commend you for that. Please do well to remind him that marriage is not what you are living for so he shouldn't threaten you with such because you have so much to live for than invest your time with a man who is not emotionally or psychologically stable for a friendship let alone marriage. You may want to read this article also.


  1. He will do this , he will do that. He will travel to your village, He will go abroad. You will surely end up in a cement ray as a victim of ritualist for being dumb.

  2. Lols like Bill said I think "Mysterious Man" should be the heading
    Funny thing is that you'll come back here later (say 6mnths) with another tag "I've been deceived"
    Never knew he has 3 wives and 21 children and he beats me blah blah blah...
    Look b4 u leap
    I pray we receive sense IJN

  3. Truth sets free:
    Quick marriage with out the natural flow between both persons involved is equal to ready made trouble. A man who knows what he wants goes after it and still find ways to maintain it after getting it. Our generation have been conditioned to hide all flaws and become unreal through social media. Relationship can work for some kind of people through this medium, but luck is not always good for some people. Save your future from such disastrous decision. Two become one if 'both' agree 'together'. A man who is to marry you will always believe In working and discussing it out together and not giving an ultimatum. Who ever has not reach this level is not ready for marriage. Follow your purpose in life and the right things will follow suite. Peace..

  4. Don't even make that mistake. He he wont follow the right process of knowing u and u knowing him well first, then he is a scavenger. Pls don't be fooled by the marriage melody. Be wise. You need a patient man in ur life

  5. Poster run as fast as your legs can carry you that man doesn't mean well for you. The marriage thing might be a trap 'cos most ladies out there are so desperate that they fall easily

  6. All this man cares about more than anything else is the chance to sleep with u, and he doesn't care if it takes him hurting ur parents in the process. The signs are all too obvious. First, he wanted u to visit him in Abuja and when u didn't fall for that, he decides to come down to u. If had had only just wanted to visit ur parents and then go back, one might have assumed he was just so desperate for u that knowing ur parents would help him secure ur heart. But no, he wants you to pack ur things from ur parents house and follow him down to his village for one whole week christmas of free sex. And for u to be even considering acceding to this request makes me wonder the kind of family u come from and who ur parents really are. Unless you don't intend to tell ur parents when u decides to follow him to his village, otherwise I wonder how ur parents would just sit by and watch their daughter leave their house with a complete stranger. Something tells me u are not as good a girl as u try to make us believe. I have met agirls like u on Facebook. The reason so many girls fall prey to scammers like this one is because they often ignore the tell tale signs that are only too obvious. If u haven't already fallen for this man, who obvious is possessed by sexual demons, then don't!


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