Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pray For my Husband, Something is Wrong!

God bless you ma, may God reward you for your good work. Whenever am reading your comments, I give God praise for the kind of wisdom He gave to you, the way you think and answer questions sent to you,have affected lives.
I have learnt a lot from you which is helping me today in my marriage.
People said marriage is beautiful, but Nov. 2015 was my six years in marriage but I have not experienced LOVE. As a christian I tried my best to make him happy, I trained him in the university, paid house rent, feed the family bought plots of land.
Just last year I lost my job. He collected all I laboured for, and nothing was left for me. He preferred girls, women outside(spirit of lust) .
Am in pains. Sis Amara, pls tell God to give me job, peace and let love rule my marriage.
Lastly, pray for my husband something is wrong.

Our heavenly father, the God of all creatures and the Almighty God, I exalt your Holy name for your faithfulness even in times of crisis. 
Thank you for the gift of life, love and the rare opportunity to experience the beauty of marriage and oneness in your covenant. 
Thank you for the many victories you have given to many homes and for your mercies even when we don't deserve it. 
If in any way or manner our attitude and disposition has made you feel bad about us your children, please forgive us individually and collectively and please fill our heart with your presence so that we shall constantly yearn to do your will in Jesus name Amen. 
I bring your daughter before your throne of grace and everlasting love, she knows that there is nothing too hard for you to do, she believes that the effective prayers of the righteous availeth much and she has come before you with her pains and burden. 
Lord I know that you have great plans and thoughts of good for this woman and her home and I bless you for all you have used this woman to accomplish in her marriage. 
Lord I am presenting her husband to you at this moment, because there is no place that is hidden before you, I call forth this man before you and I pray Oh King eternal that you crush down every spirit of lust, wastage, prostitution and adultery of any form hovering over his life and destiny in Jesus name Amen. 
Lord draw him back to your presence and please reveal yourself to him. The plots and the plans of the wicked shall not prevail in this family in Jesus name Amen. 
Father please bless your daughter with a greater job than the one that she lost and please fill her heart with the joy of your presence. 
Comfort her with the promises of your word and strengthen her spiritually and emotionally to stand in the gap for her home and her children. 
May you please give her many reasons to celebrate her marriage and may you shower her with eternal love which no man can give to her in Jesus name Amen. 
Lord we are convinced that you have already done this even before we asked and for that reason we shall continue to bless and glorify your holy name in Jesus name Amen. 
I understand deeply what you are experiencing in your marriage and I thank God because of the unique heart he blessed you with. 
I want to encourage you not to worry about all that he collected from you because they are all the Gift of God in your life. Do not worry over those things but set your heart on the ones that he promised you. 
Like Job please remember that your redeemer liveth, there is no need to give up on God because faithful is He who called you and he will reward you much more than you were expecting, here on earth first and next in Heaven. 
Cheer up because the kingdom of darkness is defeated long time ago and no matter what the devil does today,it's pretty late for him to hurt your faith and convictions in Christ Jesus. 
Please do not relent in prayers for your family and your husband.
God is not done with you yet and he will never watch the devil put you in shame in Jesus name Amen. 
It's well with you and your family. 


  1. Amen!!

    (But,abeg,am just curious -
    where did you get this man?
    how did you get him?
    who gave him to you?
    Was it God,yourself,or the devil?
    Who was he before the marriage in terms of VALUES & BELIEFS?
    What could have turned him into this kind of monster 'over-night'?
    Dear,may God heal your home.
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