Monday, December 14, 2015

Should I Walk Away?

Aunty Amara please I need your candid advice, which form of marriage is the most acceptable? Can't afford to do all three. My fiance feels the traditional is the most valid and doesn't want a registry which gets me scared in this present society.
If I do just traditional what is the acceptable proof of marriage at the embassy? Please what do you advice cause I want to have a registry done, you never can tell the future.

Aunty please treat urgently cause am thinking of putting the whole wedding preparations on hold, cause I don't understand why not a registry marriage, what if he insists on not, do you think it's advisable to walk away?
We have done our introduction, having a registry doesn't mean if he wants to cheat or torture me emotionally in future he wont.
I want to place the other processes on hold, am a bit confused here? What do I do?

I pray that you do not marry a man who will cheat on you or torture you emotionally because it is worse than being single and it takes away every atom of joy and fulfilment you have in life.
Some women died simply because they got married to a cheat and an emotionally immature man and they never lived to tell their own stories.
Please be careful of what you wish for and what you say with your mouth because they have power and they can manifest in your life.
Traditional marriage is very important but if there is limited funds for both traditional and church wedding, then it is advisable for you and your partner to go for a registry so that you can have a legal document and evidence of your matrimony anywhere you may find yourself.
It's not expensive and I feel that it is as important as the traditional marriage and should not be neglected.
So have a heart to heart talk with him and agree on the kind of wedding to go for so that you don't need to fight over this or be on a different page with him.
If you cannot agree with him, then you may need to reconsider your relationship and marriage preparations to avoid unnecessary stress and struggles with your partner later on in your marriage.

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