Monday, December 14, 2015

Did I Take the Wrong Approach?

Good evening ma,I have been wishing to write you many times now but I think today is the day.
Please tell me ,am I wrong because am not really at peace now with my mind.
My husband had a business transaction with a friend for more than two to three years now and we have not seen the money. Anytime you call him,he gives one story or another. Things were really tight for us that my husband asked me to talk to him( his friend) that he has given up on him (friend) paying that money.
I tried all I could and he was able to pay N10000 out of N400,000. We have moved to live with my mother in law and I had a baby recently. I called this guy to see if he could help us by sending anything but nothing so far.
So today I had to write on his wall paper that, "is it when we are old and might have left this world that he will pay back that money?"
He got mad at me and called me names blocked me from his Facebook and warmed me never to call his number again.
Please tell me if he can not pay when I talk to him alone ,I decided to let his friends know about it and talk to him to pay me. Am I wrong by the action I took?

I understand how frustrating and painful it can be to recover the money that you gave out with a good intentions.
The painful truth is that lending money can be painful especially when you are dealing with some individuals with dead conscience.
I wished that you wrote earlier before taking the decision to write on his Facebook page to avoid the kind of feedback that you got from him
I don't think that you were in the best position to recover the money because you never had any transactions with him.
Secondly deciding to expose him using the social media wasn't the smart way to engage him to refund the money and that was why he flared up in the manner he did.
Since your husband had the transaction with him, he was in the best position to challenge him using every means available to him with the receipt of purchase and the evidence of his non payment for the goods.
But when you took his place, you were setting yourself up to be ridiculed and abused and that was why I suggest that you allow your husband to take the responsibility of recovering the money while you give him the strategies for the operation.
N400,000 is a huge money but then again he may not be able to pay them at the moment but then he must be compelled to make a commitment towards paying up so that you can meet your needs at home.
While you work with your husband on that, please think of other means to raise some funds like learning some skills like baking, bead making, braiding, sowing or even catering but something that will at least put food on your table while you pray that God will help your husband to rise up again.
This is time to hold hands with your husband and pray for an increase in your finances and your wealth.
That God will heal your home and strengthen your marriage in this turbulent times of your marriage.
I pray that God will help you and meet your needs in Jesus name Amen.

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