Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Law of Karma

A woman, sometime in 2008, mocked a divorced woman. In 2013, she found herself divorced and today, her words are changed. She has now come to agree that it's even very good women and men who get abused by their spouse.

A speaker once mocked single ladies in his church claiming it's because of their bad character. Today, at 35, his second daughter is still single while the first was married to a fraudster and later got divorced. They are all in his house.

A woman helped men and tradition against his fellow woman. This very woman led a group of other women against her brother's wife when she lost her husband. She helped men by denying this widow food for days. She forcefully shaved her hair and even made her drink water from the washing of her husband's corpse. Suddenly, she found herself a widow and hated the so called tradition. Well, not before she got the same bitter pill.

Another dealt with his brother's wife during her years of waiting. She is married for the past six years, no child.

Another went out of her way to be sure her friend's daughter didn't get married before hers. She succeeded, but that wasn't going to last. Her daughter got married, it was a fairy tale wedding. Eighteen months later, the marriage ended.

A rich man mocked a poor man calling him lazy and useless. According to him, he wasn't hardworking. Few months later, he was defrauded of all that he owned. He has been struggling to get back on his feet, his "hardwork" isn't paying off.

A woman I know always made mockery of light-skinned girls. She once told me that I am 'Ogbanje', from the marine kingdom. All these because of my color. God being who He is, her first grandchild showed up an albino.

Be careful what you say and do to others. You may think you are getting away with your many lies and wickedness against innocent souls. But God is in heaven and vengeance is His.

Karma is real. Will you be able to face it when it eventually shows up? If it doesn't show up now, it will certainly show up later.

Even as you pray, you may have to go ask your father or mother what is happening. You may also have to make restitution. Like Nigeria's former First Lady, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan, once told us, "there is God ooh".

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