Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Case for Single Mothers

You left a young girl with a child for one without a child. According to you, the one with a child is wayward while the girl without a child is very decent. Sir, that is a lie!  Her having that child means she didn't want her sin to give birth to a greater sin - murder. That one you are about getting hooked to after leaving the one with a child could be mother to so many dead babies. If you love a girl, just leave her past behind and love her. If she has a child, show her love by loving her child.

A fan was about calling off a three-year-relationship when he called me. The woman had a baby outside wedlock but never told him until he proposed. I asked him just two questions: Do you love this woman? Don't you think she didn't tell you all these before now simply because she didn't know where the relationship was going and because she was scared of losing you? Am I trying to support the girl? Not really. He agreed with me. His family kicked against the marriage.

It was a tough battle for more than one year. We got to that point where his family sent insulting messages to me. But a day came that everywhere became calm and they got married at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos, Nigeria. Now they have twins - a boy and a girl, and the baby girl was named after me (smiling). The man would  later call to show gratitude for the "wise counsel". He tells me how much of a blessing his wife has been. I am also happy because they gave their daughter my name, Amara..

Guys, girls with children are often not as bad as those who kill their innocent babies claiming it's not murder because they are not humans yet. What am I not saying? What I am not saying is that thing you think I am saying.
And who knows? Her having a child shows you she is fertile with her womb intact...LOL

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