Thursday, December 10, 2015

Things Every Married Woman Should Know

Neglecting your body because you are married is one of the many sins you commit against your marriage. You used to be a very charming woman. You used to keep yourself exceptionally neat. What happened?

I hear women say things like, "I am no longer looking for a husband and so I care less how I look". If you are one of such women, you are obviously "ignorant of the devil's devices".

It's a known fact that some men don't help matters in their home. I know you did all that while he, instead of appreciating you, got busy with many other girls. Maybe he didn't care about your looks and so you have decided to ignore his feelings too. I can understand. But I won't fail to tell you that the best way to send that warning signal and ignore him is to look your best. Putting yourself down because of one careless human isn't the right thing. I believe you would look good without a husband; do it for yourself now that you are married but single.

Some women are careless, not because the man doesn't provide and not because he doesn't care. These women are simply lazy when it comes to body care. Let me tell you this: A man can afford to neglect his body and pick it up whenever he likes; that's not the case with us, women. Do I see nature as being unfair here? If you think so. But a woman's body cannot and should not be neglected. Even in the days of our mothers, they used things like clay, herbs, and kaolin to take care of themselves. You must understand your body and attend to it appropriately. If you choose not to and continue feeding your body with things your friend uses on hers, you may end up paying the price later on in life.
Your husband goes out every morning and comes in contact with all kinds of women. He enjoys it when he gets home to a very neat and appealing wife. Drop the wrappers you always have around your chest. Take the scarf off and let your hair breathe. Drop that night gown you inherited from Queen Victoria. Invest in good lingerie and night wears. Don't just spend money wearing laces and designer clothes on the outside; let him see what's good beneath the designer dress. 

Don't just invest on expensive makeup to cover up your flaws, invest on taking care of your skin and having it look good without the makeup. You can deceive the world with your foundation, false lashes, and bronzer; your husband sees you without those things and he wants to have a supple skin next to his in bed. Scrub the dead skin off. You don't have to break the bank to have a good skin, they are available in your kitchen. You have honey, sugar, milk, egg, lemon and many other things, use them. Hey; don't over scrub and damage your skin.

He may not be cuddling you as before because you have grown out of proportion and your hair stinks whenever he tries to come closer. Even if your religion or culture makes you cover your hair regularly, you should allow air in whenever you are home and wash regularly. This is where African women get it wrong. Washing your hair helps to keep your pores open thereby allowing products you use to go into the roots of your hair. Your hair should be washed, at least, every two weeks.

He may not be wanting sex with you because you don't take care of your vagina and surrounding areas. Start doing your Kegel today.
I know some men love hairs in your southern hemisphere. If your husband is one of such people, grant his desire but keep it well groomed. If he likes it bare, go ahead and give it to him. You are his glory. Your body belongs to him just the way his belongs to you.

If he found you curvy and loved you, don't try to be skinny, keep your curves. If he found you skinny, don't try to be curvy.

I know there are dogs in form of men. If you happen to find yourself with one, you can only get frustrated as you try. You are not the reason for his "sexcapades", it's in him. In this case, just look good for yourself and be happy.


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)