Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'm Scared of His Sickness!

Good evening aunty Amara, this year will make me two years in a relationship but the problem is that since I knew him, he has been sick since last year till now that he just recover for like two weeks now.
The guy is from a God fearing family, please I need your advice on this whether I should continue with the relationship because it has been up and down since I knew him.
He told me that his cousins confessed sometimes ago that they were the ones behind his problem that they told them in the witchcraft kingdom to torment him and later kill him.
The guy went through hell but God's mercy kept him, he loves me truly but my fear is the incessant sickness because I don't know what will be the end because am not getting younger anymore.
He wanted to introduce me to his family by April but due to his ill health it didn't work out.
Please ma, I need your advice on this. Thanks.

I don't believe that there is any power or person greater than our great God and because I don't believe that, I won't pity your partner but I will pray that every forces of darkness rovering around his destiny and life be crushed, wasted and destroyed by the mighty hands of God in Jesus name Amen. 
Whatever be the sickness or the infections or the diagnosis, I curse the sickness from its roots and I speak life and wholeness into his life in Jesus name Amen. 
At this point in his life, your partner needs support and love, nobody wishes to be sick for the rest of his life but it was the devil who is using sickness to steal your joy and happiness in your destiny and relationship. 
Granted that it may be frustrating and tiring, leaving him doesn't in any way guarantee that you will locate a healthy man who will love you for who you are to marry nor does it mean that such a good man may not have times and moments of turbulence and trials in his life. 
The real question I have for you is this, you said that this man has good intentions for you and he loves you genuinely and would have introduced you to his family if not for the sickness, please in all sincerity of heart, do you love him? 
In spite of all this man has gone through and what you have experienced with him, can you really say that you believe in his personality and vision as a man? 
In life genuine love is always letting go of self and giving your heart to selfless sacrifice, commitment and devotion to someone else because you desire to see the person be as happy as you would love to be. 
If you love him sincerely, you will know what's best for you to do at the moment and how best to go about it. 
I won't tell you to wait for him nor will I suggest that you quit because circumstances of life is like the clouds, they keep changing and you cannot predict what may come up in the next second. 
Seek the face of God concerning this and allow him to guide you in your decision about your relationship with him. 

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  1. Dear poster...
    You don't just rush into spiritual conclusions like that...You must know his Genotype, bloodgroup, rhesus count, health history of his background first before you think on other causes..
    You also need to know if these conditions are compatible with yours to know the possibility of settling down with him...Even churches consider these things before joining couples together...It's not just about love..Love doesn't conquer all things...
    In tough times like this is when true love distinguishes itself from infatuation and deceit..
    Now that the going us tough, prove that love you've been confessing since by standing by him through his health challenges...
    You can't call yourself his friend and walk away..
    I'm not compelling you to marry him against your wish but you must do your best..
    Forget about being in a hurry to settle down with him for now...Your focus should be on helping him out of this health challenge...
    If every physical test result turns out fine then there's every tendency that it's a spiritual thing then you have to surrender to Chukwu Okike Abiama in prayer and supplication...God is able..


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