Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Husbands, Love Your Wives.

Some men make their wives beg for everything they need/want. You keep her at home while her mates are doing something useful with their lives. She cooks, cleans, and attends to you. These are things some working class people don't do for their husbands.

Release the woman to fly and be successful like her fellow women; you won't do that. Okay; on your instruction, she sits at home from morning till night and earns nothing to take care of herself. The poor woman has to beg and crawl on the floor for her master before she gets money to buy sanitary pad. What about clothes and cosmetics? That shouldn't be mentioned as the same man who crippled her is the one reminding her that her mates are top CEOs.

You buy clothes and good things for yourself but expect her to go buy China for herself. Are you not a selfish and wicked man? She has a university degree and her heart breaks each time she sees her school mates. She remembers that she was among the top five graduating students and now, she is useless in your house. And if you think she's useless, take over the running of the home for one week and let's see how it goes.

You drive a very clean car but get her a rickety one because, according to you, she does nothing useful for you. Like seriously? Your own wife? Did you love and marry her or she was married for you?

Some will tell the woman that they own all the vehicles and houses because they are one. I once called a male friend to the side as he ignorantly told this lie to his wife. He only came to his senses after I reminded him that the business name he had on the vehicles and home belonged to him and his brothers and the very moment anything happens to him, the poor woman who is permanently a housewife, would be out in the cold. Thank God he listened to me and got his wife's name into everything. Your spouse is the closest person to you. Even my brothers know that they cannot come to me with a secret they should keep with their wives. I use every opportunity to remind them that their wives matter more than us and our parents.  Never support such; God frowns at it. If you don't trust your wife enough, you shouldn't be closing your eyes at night beside her; you shouldn't be eating her food.

She is your wife, your glory. Everything about you, your goodness, glory, generosity, and godliness should be seen on your wife. You laugh with others outside but become Id El Amin once you step into your home. You compliment every woman at work but don't even notice your wife's new hairdo. What a shame.

Sir, if your wife is not working, you should know that every woman needs money to look good. Stop counting how many times she asks for money. Give her money monthly for her upkeep and keep your eyes away from how she spends it on herself.

That woman is not your daughter neither is she your sister or female colleague. She is special and must be treated so. She is your wife. She is your glory. She is one with you. Treat her the way you treat yourself.

Parents, please start teaching your sons how wives should be treated. Always sing it to their ears that women are to be pampered and not treated as fellow men.  This generation is losing it. If you stop a woman from flying and getting to the peak of her career, it would be wicked of you not to give her all that she needs to be fulfilled.

Thank God for those good men who love their wives and treat them as queens. Even though their wives are full time housewives, they pay them what their mates earn and if they can't afford that, they make sure they give what they can afford. Such men are forever blessed.

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  1. How can you say your wife is not working when you made her a full-time housewife? Let her work and employ a cook, a laundry woman,etc. Let's see whether you won't pay them.


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