Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reasons Why You Should Never Send Your Nude Pictures to Him

A good number of nude pictures you see on the Internet are as a result of love gone sour. When it was sweet, all in the name of "I don't want to lose my man", those ladies foolishly sent out nude pictures to them.

What you don't know is that some of these guys share your nudity with friends. A friend once told me how a colleague brought out his phone during management meeting and continued passing it round for everyone to view his girlfriend's nude pictures. As they viewed, he continued praising the girl over What's app, asking her to send different poses while they fed their eyes. What a shame!

He keeps calling you different names and telling you all the sweet words you want to hear thereby making you lose your head. Real women don't lose their head in lust. Don't get it twisted; he does not love you, he's only lusting after you and to him, you are nothing but a sex object. This is why I pity girls who see themselves as ladies and get carried away when men address them as 'sexy'. A woman is beautiful, a cheap girl is sexy!

Don't think you are the only one sending him nude pictures. A good number of men who ask for nude pictures do same with many other girls, you're just one of his girls. Even your husband asking for it likely does that with many other women. A good number of men
who ask for such have no regard for womanhood. Hard to swallow? I know, but that's the truth.

Okay, let's buy into your lie and agree that your husband doesn't do that with other women , what happens when his phone mistakenly goes into the wrong hand? Every locked phone can be unlocked. And what happens if, tomorrow,  that present and future becomes ex? Sure no one prays for divorce, but it happens. What happens if that his relative or friend who hates you so much lays hands on those picture? Even if they do nothing against you, how shameful it is for your husband's brother or friend to behold your nudity.

Again, what happens if that boyfriend or husband of yours, decides to use that to blackmail you tomorrow for trying to leave him for another? A woman recently contacted me with this issue. She has been so battered by the husband and now that she wants to take a walk, the man, who has all the nude pictures she sent him when the going was good, has compiled everything, ready to throw it out to the world should she dare. Many women are stuck in relationships they should have no business with because they are afraid of the after effect. If that guy has nothing against you, you can confidently take a walk when you should. But because you have done so many bad things with him and have sent out pictures of your vagina and breasts, you are helpless.

Ladies, you are nobody's sex object. Anyways, some smart girls now download pictures of naked women and send to these insatiable guys...two can play the game. And why should any man open his dirty mouth to ask you for such pictures?

No man who has regard for womanhood and for your body will open his mouth to ask you for pictures of your breasts and vagina. Never forget this: If he asks for it from you, he's asking for and getting it from ten other cheap girls. Ladies, give yourself some respect and carry yourself the way you want to be addressed. You cannot be shouting and telling the whole world how men disrespect you when you make yourself nothing but a very cheap sex object.

 I refuse to buy into that lie that men have no regard for women. Men don't disrespect me just the way they don't disrespect so many other focused ladies. Men disrespect you because you deserve to be disrespected. Get yourself together and be a woman. What do you have to offer apart from your body? A good number of men ask for such because you've got nothing to offer. You can't have a reasonable discussion with the man. He can't talk politics with you. He can't discuss his vision and spirituality with you. He can't discuss sports with you. He can't even get a good meal from you. What then is left if not to ask for your vagina which is all you have to offer? Act, talk, and walk like a woman and you shall be adored. Become versatile and balanced my dear young woman.

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